Here’s Why Helen Mirren Was at a Launch Party For ‘Death Stranding’

It’s become shockingly commonplace these days to see photos of Hideo Kojima standing next to celebrities, especially if they’re involved with Hollywood. Keanu Reeves. Peter Jackson. JJ Abrams. George Miller. Geoff Keighely? The list is endless, and there’s nothing newsworthy about it anymore. But even I was given pause while scrolling through photos coming out of Kojima’s art gallery event in New York to celebrate the launch of Death Stranding, and saw friends taking photos of—and taking photos with—actress Helen Mirren.

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Oh wow, MMA Hardy managed to drag himself away from playing Warframe huh?

Dan Ryckert Mr. Magoo’s his way into another celebrity circle. Truly the Forrest Gump of Video Games.

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I was a big fan of the Hideo Kojima meets Slowdive photos from earlier this year / last year

And yet he seems like the only one who couldn’t get to be in Death Stranding.

But wait, LA Noire has a Dan Ryckert model. All we need to do is get that into Death Stranding, replace, I don’t know, Nicolas Winding Refn and bam, Dan Ryckert in yet another video game.

Once Death Stranding comes out on PC, the modding scene could be very interesting.