Here’s Your First Look at the Dark and Bloody ‘Diablo IV’

To kick off BlizzCon, a fan event that comes after the company’s lengthy controversy involving the temporary banning of a Hearthstone pro for supporting the Hong Kong protests, came a long expected announcement: Diablo IV is coming. Here’s a look at the lengthy cinematic trailer Blizzard introduced the game with, which has become a studio staple:

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What did you all think of the apology? I only caught it towards the end, but from what I’m hearing it was a weak apology that didn’t recognize any specifics. They said they’re going to ‘do better’ though so… There’s something I guess?

Diablo wise, man I am REALLY feeling this trailer. It has some strong Hellraiser vibes, and I like the return to old creepy, unsettling Diablo. I have been bored with Blizzard games because they all seem to look the same.

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Was always a fan of the atmosphere of Diablo 1 and 2. I’m curious if they’re gender locking the classes again or if that’s just the gender they chose for them for the demonstration.

Also Wizard > Sorcerer. Primal, chaotic forces of the universe magic > elemental magic.


I’ve never played a Diablo game, but I’ve always found the kind of dark fantasy aesthetic a little interesting, and the visuals in this trailer fully kick ass. How bad an idea would it be to go back and play those original games?


Also, here’s a gameplay trailer. There are horses.

As someone who played a lot of Path of Exile but wished it was better aesthetically, and found Diablo 3 to be aggressively mediocre in general, this trailer really did it for me. Really looking forward to Diablo 4 which I wasn’t expecting

I loved those games back when i grew up and imo Diablo 2 is still a fun game to play, although that might just be my nostalgia talking. If you dont mind the graphics of the old ones id say go ahead, even though ive heard they can be a bit tricky to get to run right on new systems., If you’re willing to wait a bit, and dont mind paying a little bit more, the remasters of the first 2 are already in the pipeline. So you could wait for those to come out, since if i was Blizzard id release them right up to the launch of Diablo 4 to get the hype going. Worth a thought.

Going to spend a full on day sometime before release trying to figure out the games lore. Started heading down that path today but had to turn back. Too busy for that malarkey

God damn, I really have a soft spot for the “dark fantasy” aesthetic, but I also find the character design in the genre (obviously it’s even worse in so-called “high fantasy”), with context or in isolation, usually pretty…well, boring. I don’t really know why, its more feeling than coherent argument at this point. I just never feel “Wow, this character looks really f*cking awesome.”
Even in this cinematic trailer, if it weren’t for the grotesque blood/skin-tissue cape, the “daughter of the lord of hatred” (:roll_eyes:) or whatever she is supposed to be just looks like, well demon queen/king nr. 13472821 to me. And the others are all just the typical “fantasy classes”.

One prominent example, where I did experience the “damn this is awesome” feeling in terms of character design is Bloodborne and that is probably, because it throws a bit of “victorian steampunk” aesthetic (another, maybe even bigger, soft-spot of mine) into the mix, at least for a portion of the game.

Besides that, the trailer is really well directed imo. Certainly makes you interested in the game, even without knowing anything about it.

Also full disclosure: I don’t know anything about Diablo lore (only played a bit of 2 and 3), but I don’t think this should be relevant.

I’ve played a looot of Diablo 3, and everything about the aesthetic in this trailer made it look like Diablo 3 featuring less colour, which I am extremely not into. I know it was inevitable they went back that way after the reaction to Diablo 3’s look, but I still prefer colourful things over Dark, Bloody things.

Also I can’t really get excited until release day and I see reviews and forum posts because of how incredibly awful Diablo 3 was at launch.


Everything needs contrast. Colourful without any grey becomes overwhelming, whilst everything being black and dark and gritty is just bland. 14 YO me loved D2/LoD, but I just can’t see the interest in another one of those.

The cinematic trailer was okay, but honestly not a patch, IMO, on things like the Original WC3 stuff, and the gameplay just looks dull. I know there is still a significant market of people who just wanted Diablo 2 +1, and this is clearly intended for them, but in a world where something like PoE exists, I’m not sure Blizzard are going to be able to carve out the niche that they had with D2

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I’m sure this game will be good and look nice, but I really don’t understand the problem with 3’s look. It’s cozy and neat. I’ve played it a fair bit and like it, but once I hit paragon and need to understand which of the dozens pieces of loot I picked up is actually worth keeping I think it loses its appeal. It’d be nice if they made that stuff easier for people like me who can’t be bothered to learn the details.