Here we go again: Pokemon Gen 8

Kind of amazed there isn’t a topic on this already… (is there?) next generation of Pokemon games have been announced.

As one who has said multiple times on this forum and in general that Sun and Moon left me feeling like I was over Pokémon, the trailer that was released this morning has me furious that I can’t preorder the game already.

How do folks feel? Which starter will you be champion and memeing in the months to come?

I’ve never played a Pocket Monsters. Should I?

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I watched the direct this morning. I’m excited about the new game! Grookey all day, baby!

I’ve waited so long for a full console Pokemon game. It’s wild that it’s finally here.

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yeah I’m ready I’m on the hype train I love pokemon I’m picking the fire starter for the first time since silver, probably

I reckon the hill figure we saw briefly, while it could just be a stylised human figure, is probably a representation of a possibly legendary pokemon

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Maybe??? They’re pretty good JRPGs if you’re into the min/maxing and party management side of the genre. They generally don’t have any story, but they’re fun to play!

But, on the other hand, I’ve been playing Pokémon since Red and Blue came out when I was a child, and as such I can just have fun with them intuitively. There’s some part of me that was shaped by Pokémon, so it’s hard for me to say if there’s any appeal for someone who hasn’t.

The new one looks cool tho!

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So, according to today’s Direct, we’ll have the eighth generation of Pokemon coming to the Switch before the end of the year.

It seems to be more in line with prior entries than the Let’s Go style, which is not unexpected.

Personally, I think the starters look adorable, and I hope we can still ride pokemon and judge IVs from anywhere, but I wouldn’t miss much else from Let’s Go.

What are people’s thoughts?

I do not know if I can disentangle an approximate 20 year relationship with the franchise to give an honest assessment, but I think the games generally offer a fun pretty light RPG adventure experience. Heart Gold or Soul Silver would be my recommended starting point as those present a lot of the appealing aspects of the series without being too overwhelming.


What I really want from the Let’s Go games is the Pokemon spawning on the overworld map. I hateeeeee dealing with RNG battles, especially when im underleveled, just trying to make my way back to a Poke Center


I haven’t played a Pokemon game since Emerald (due to lack of hardware, not lack of interest) and gosh this makes me really wish I had a Switch. I love all three of the starters, they are all adorable but I really love Sobble because I am also an anxiety lizard

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Heart Gold and Soul Silver are, imho, absolutely the best games in the series!


Heck yeah!!! Gen 2 and Gen 4 are my all time favorites and playing both for the first time was incredibly special to me.

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I’m at the same time very excited, because i haven’t actually played a pokemon game since black and white, and yet, kinda dissapointed? While i’m not some pokemon expert over the last few games, it seems like none of the good things about Lets go are coming with it. I know that its pokemon, and expecting anything but the most safest possible approach is a fool’s hope. But seeing absolutely nothing that looks to be even a slight improvement seems mildly concerning.

Still to it’s credit, i saw a Grookey and was like “I want so bad, gimmy my cute plant monkey” so yeah, safe to say thats the reason why.

I’m just waiting for Pokémon: Breath of the Wild.
Break the formula, think outside the box, let me explore freely in a world vast with free roaming creatures.
Had the exact same arc with Zelda, played one traditional entry and couldn’t find any interest in another one unless they break it open.
But I guess that bunny is cute?


I think other monster-catching games are better, and I’d personally recommend a Digimon or the Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker titles over Pokemon, but Pokemon is an all right choice. Other people have recommended HeartGold/SoulSilver as a place to start, I’ll note that they’re slow to start and still not as cheap as you’d think for how long ago they were. I’d recommend Black/White or Black 2/White 2 if you don’t want the expense of jumping in with this one. (For the Nintendo DS, all games mentioned. Although Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth for the Vita/PS4 is also very good, as is its sequel/parallel story, Digimon Story Hacker’s Memory.)

#ScorbunnyBois all day.

Based on the strength of the other two starters I was kind of concerned Scorbunny would wind up as the odd starter out that everyone winds up dunking on, but I’m glad to see the internet appreciates a good bun boy.

As for the overall game I’m a bit bummed they didn’t adopt the idea of Pokemon in the overworld from Let’s Go, because I loved it so much, but that’s a minor gripe and ultimately I’m very excited.

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I strongly feel that Pokemon’s been back to back terrible since ORAS, so I’m not super enthused about this tbh. The implications for the Sinnoh remake do have me excited though. Also, 3rd gen in a row that the Water starter is the best one.

I never had a 3DS, so i can’t comment fully, but i loved the pokemon designs of Gen 6/7, but i will say that nothing about the actual games looked appealing to me.

I’m excited! I was a huge fan of the series as a kid (I’ll have you know I founded a Pokemon club in the 4th grade), but fell off after Sapphire/Ruby for a variety of reasons. X was the first game in the series since then that I completed, and it reminded me of why I loved it in the first place. I tried hard to get into Sun/Moon (I even bought Ultra Moon) but I just couldn’t get past the pacing of those games.

This looks very much in the mold of the last two generations, but maybe more traditional than Sun/Moon? Which sounds like exactly what I want. One thing that makes me sad about Pokemon games is how gameplay changes made in more recent games makes it hard to go back and enjoy the older ones. Remakes of Black and White are high on my wish list because I feel like that generation was interesting but I never gave it a fair shake.

Oh, and I’m Sobbet all the way, though I’m curious to see the evolutions.

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You guys, I have a son, and his name is Grookey.

I’m a bit disappointed for the return of random encounters and not overworld spawning, but I can live with that.

I think the camera angles in the trailer were a bit lower than is typical for a core Pokémon game? Maybe that was just for specific sections, but if not, an adjustable camera in a non-spinoff will be a thing to get used to.

I like the world design, but I was really surprised by how different it looked from Let’s Go (image below from reddit), and I’m curious as to how it’s gonna run since the latter got framey in a couple of spots.

Other than that, I’m hoping for trainer customization, and waiting to see what gimmick they’re gonna introduce this time around, if any (Gen VI was Mega Evolution, Gen VII was Z-Moves).


Did Let’s Go do anything to make IV and EV training not be the insane grind it has been in past generations?

Also as we hope and dream for improvements in this next generation, would it kill them to bring back hard mode?!

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