Here we go again: Pokemon Gen 8

Yeah. The gulf between reading about and experimenting with fun builds on Smogon and Pokemon Showdown and then actually building those teams in gen 6 is what ultimately lead to me dropping out of the series. It was such a shame to come up with a strategy and ultimately abandon it because the process of getting the right egg move to the right type of pokemon alone was going to take multiple hours.

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It’s rough.

If anyone really feels the need to stay in the loop without dealing with garbage the subreddit specifically for sword and shield is a lot more mellowed out. The leak might already be exhausted at this point though.

It’s wild how people have interpreted the whole thing as ‘we will continue to cram every pokemon in for as long as it’s not physically impossible to do so’ and therefore they’re lying, rather than, like, ‘obviously including Every Pokémon becomes unsustainable at a certain point so we’ve taken the move to a new platform as an opportunity to make the editorial decision to not include them all this time’ - they should have done this like three gens ago (at least) to be honest


I feel like every time I see a new starter evolution I hate it, but then months later I have to eat my hat because I end up falling for them in some capacity

All that said, I have some concerns about these leaked evolutions. :grimacing:

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I absolutely do the same thing? I think seeing their first forms months and months earlier I build up certain expectations/hopes in my mind and then when the reveal inevitably is not that (no fire/fairy jackalope for me, sigh) I immediately dislike it.

I’m coming round on Sobble’s final form, but Scorbunny’s is… oof. I don’t know. I thought this was going to be my second fire starter (after Cyndaquil! it’s been a while) but now I’m not so sure. (Grookey’s is fine but Not For Me).

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I like a lot of the designs I’ve seen leaked. They have a bit of a gen five vibe to them, and since that’s my favourite generation, it’s a big plus. The starter evolutions seem like they’ll be better in game than in still images. I think Grookey looks very messy, visually when in pictures, but much cuter in-game wavings its stick around.

I’m a huge fan of the changes they’re making to speed up making a competitively viable team. It also goes to show that when the team said cutting down the available pokemon was, in part, to help competitive play, it wasn’t just empty words. I didn’t doubt that, and I was in favour of ripping that bandage off sooner rather than later anyway, but I know some of the disappointed people seemed to think that that wasn’t really part of their reasoning.


Oh, I forgot to tell y’all

I had a dream last night that they announced that Sword and Shield would have a new type

The new type?

The new type was Anime-Type


And the major plot twist is that we’ve all been Anime-type all along.

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Re: Pokedex cuts, I have thoughts that I’ve been trying to parse since I saw the leaks. As much as the subreddit/general fan reaction has been a dumpsterfire, I don’t want to completely drop the issue because I am disappointed by it (without thinking it’s a moral crime or that Gamefreak is evil or whatever). I think it really came down to my expectations I built up on what the game ‘should’ be like, which has been hard to reconcile with “game development is hard, I don’t know anything about it, and it sounds rough at Gamefreak at the moment”.

Like for a series based around gathering your favorite Pokemon, nicknaming and transferring them through pretty much every entry, cutting over half of them is a big deal! I’m super bummed out that I’m not going to have Skarmory or Talonflame in my competitive team this time round, or be able to transfer my Serperior in for postgame content. When they got that announcement out of the way, I did expect that the ‘big HD, 3D mainline Pokemon game’ would be more glamorous, considering what I’ve seen Switch games look like, that Gamefreak already developed Let’s Go for the system, and that X & Y didn’t look as comparatively bad against other 3DS games despite needing to generate brand-new 3D models for over 700 Pokemon. Again, maybe the Switch is hard to develop for, or a game of this scale threw up one too many unexpected problems, or the team’s exhausted, I don’t know! But for the Switch entry of something as big as Pokemon, I really expected more, especially after they announced cutting down the dex. There’s also stuff like axing Mega Evolutions while introducing yet another gimmick, but maybe they’ll actually iterate on a feature this time, who knows.

I’m still really excited about aspects of the game - streamlining the process of building a competitive team, getting a region based on the UK (which I thought would never happen!), and some of the new Pokemon designs look cool. It just looks like they dropped the ball on this, after (IMO) they dropped the ball on Sun & Moon and to a lesser extent, X & Y.


I’m just glad Intelleon continues the trend of the water starters being queer af.


Dynamaxing/Gigantamaxing seems to be a sort of iteration on Megas and Z moves, trying to take their best aspects forward in a slightly different way. I’m really looking forward to seeing what the stats and added move effects end up looking like, and how they influence competitive play. Giving stat-boosting moves or things like weather or screen support to pokemon that normally lack them is a huge deal, as is giving a bit more oomph to things in a good speed tier without the offence to back it up, and could really shake up what pokemon are viable. Also, since the official format is doubles, your 'maxed pokemon surviving the full three turns is a big concern, which could make bulky pokemon way more valuable than they normally are in that format.

What we need is Newtype Pokemon. We should liberate them from the crushing corrupting force of gravity and force them to move to outer space, where they will evolve into Newtypes.

Sieg PokeZeon


That immediately brought to mind these incredible Pokemon gunpla kits from a few years ago.


Scorbunny’s is just flat out bad, imo. I do like the look of a lot of the new pokes tho, which I guess is good because a lot of my favorites got cut. Also the new fossil pokemon are throwing extreme amounts of shade at british paleontology and it’s kind of amazing.

Hey so, Toby Fox? Apparently? Made a song? For Sword and Shield??

And it’s like exactly what I would expect the Toby Fox x Pokemon crossover episode to sound like, in the best possible way. It’s super good.


That’s some Mega Man Battle Network ass music right there

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Some more news, I’ll tag it in case people are trying to avoid everything but it’s pretty basic mechanics stuff - the level of Pokemon you can catch is gated by gym badges, sort-of like how high-level traded Pokemon wouldn’t obey you in previous generations. I’m not really sure what they’re trying to achieve with this, but it doesn’t sound like too big of a deal.

Based on my experience with Let’s Go Eevee (in which I caught a Staryu ten levels above the rest of my team), I imagine they’re trying to avoid a situation in which you spam Quick Balls and wind up breaking a quarter of the game.

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It never occured to me that anyone would do that, but that sounds fun!

It was great! Although it’s possible that their new open world between cities makes it so that getting from point A to B to C all involves going through the same area, which would mean you could really do some training shenanigans they want to avoid.

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