Here we go again: Pokemon Gen 8

Been playing consistently over the last few days and it seems like Nintendo increased the spawn rate for G-Max pokemon in raid battles since the last time I played, which is cool.

That said, max raid battles still feel like a horrible experience if one does not have at least two competent co-op partners because the AI trainers are still an awful, RNG-dependent crapshoot. Not to mention one that forces you to waste five minutes on a guaranteed loss because there’s no way to leave a battle once it’s started. And even when I try to play online I rarely get more than one real human to join, if any. This should be so easy to fix! Just stop trying to be cute with this Magikarp and Solrock and Togepi and everything else that gets wiped in one neutral hit.

Like god, this sucks. I don’t remember the last time one of these games had a fairly significant mechanic that made me as miserable as these do. Like I’ve been trying to see if there’s a wall I can break through where they’ll get better, but I haven’t found it yet. Thank god they added a different way to get the entire big gimmick of this generation… though of course max mushrooms are still gated behind these.

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I’ve been having luck with a very overleveled team, I don’t particularly care about or understand IVs or anything like that, I just have 2 boxes worth of lvl 100 pokemon and have been able to solo 5 star raids with relative ease. I think I lose 1 out of every 10 5 star raids that I solo at this point.

My one issue with so many G-Max raids is that they only drop XP Candy and Dynamax Candy. The XP Candy is certainly appreciated, but I have hundreds and hundreds of Dynamax Candy when each Pokemon only takes 10 to max out their Dynamax level.

Yeah, most of the GMax raids are the current “event” raids, with special drops, which are nice for newer players or people who missed all the events up until now.
Personally, I’m more interested in the non-GMax raids for the Armorite Ore and sellable items, which are far more useful for training up Pokemon, as well as potential access to newly returning Pokemon with high base IVs.

Appreciate the advice on Raids — it helped a bit. And I’ve still been enjoying myself besides them. I figured out how to use Pokemon Home and I’m almost finished the Pokedex, with about 4 left that I just need to hope someone is willing to send me for version exclusives. If no one bits I’ll probably find an irl friend who doesn’t mind trading with me to evolve a couple of bois. And then migrate an old legendary up to trade for Zamazenta.

But beyond that, I decided to take a swing at the Battle Tower because I’d kinda just ignored it after my original run and… they don’t lock out legendaries like in previous generations? You can take whatever you want into it? Including Zacian? Who I’m now convinced is utterly broken and/or the most powerful thing in this entire universe?

Like I guess I just didn’t realize it before because I didn’t battle too much after the postgame encounters, but the wolf with a sword in its mouth has the same base stats as Arceus (720, higher than every other legendary minus some Mega Evos), has them heavily distributed into Attack and Speed (like it’s Top 10 in both out of every mon, form, and mega evo), and also has an ability that gives it +1 Attack on being summoned. And on top of that, it has fantastic typing both offensively and defensively — as many immunities (2) as overall weaknesses, and a bunch of resistances, and a pretty diverse offensive learnset. And Swords Dance. If +1 Attack isn’t enough.

It just shreds everything. I’ve won like 30 battles in a row and it’s fainted maybe 3 times? +3 Behemoth Blade one-shots Leon’s Gigantimaxed Charizard? It feels so unfair but also really fun. It’s making me want to build a dog Ubers team, which would be the first team I’ve made in like… half a decade.

Anyway, sword dog good, I think.

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yeah as soon as people saw Zacian, there were a lot of Smogon folks who were talking about banishing it to the “anything-goes” tier, i.e. the place that Mega Rayquaza was banished to.

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I can understand it! After checking mine, it seems I also lucked out with a +Spd nature and perfect Atk/Spd IVs, so, EVs aside, mine hits about as hard as one can hit in a normalized spot like the Battle Tower. But even then it seems incredibly broken. I feel like I can count its counters on one hand.

Figured out how to use the GTS in Pokémon Home and this only took a few additional days,


Nice! I finished the Galar dex (no DLC) with a friend and it was the first time either of us had done it. Personally madd me a big fan of cutting down the roster.

I didn’t know Pokémon home had GTS, actually.

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Yeah it’s surprisingly easy to use, if a bit tedious. You connect the game to the app on the Switch, transfer the mons you want into Home, and then you can access the GTS from the mobile app for Home. (The app also gives you all the Galar starters for joining, which was nice.) The free version gives you 1 GTS slot and if you pay a couple of dollars for a month it opens it up to 3 (which felt entirely unnecessary haha). Got most of the version exclusives that way.

I had finished a dex it twice before I think, with the Kanto regional dex in the Gen III remakes and the full National Dex in Emerald. Getting everything in the latter required like seven years and a ton of luck (for Johto starters and legendaries mainly) because I did not have many game-playing friends at that point in my life haha. But yeah, I definitely never even tried once the Dexes got over 500. But also, being able to catch fully evolved forms in SwSh definitely made it a lot easier too.

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I could’ve completed the normal dex for Alpha Sapphire as I’ve been buying the older titles from CEX second hand which usually means a ton of mons left on the save that I can transfer but obvs I transferred from the Bank to Home without realising the process is irreversible. Not sure how I’m gonna get hold of a Jirachi now. :frowning:

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So there was a new video today showcasing the next DLC:

Now I will admit that quarantine and endless work have kind of made my brain into mush recently but I got oddly nostalgic and entranced by Pokemon again watching this presentation and the cute music video at the end.

Where do folks ultimately come down this generation? Are the games fun and interesting to play or is it really just more of the same with a “your mileage may vary” consideration? In the past I have largely gravitated towards the post-game challenges of battle towers and online battling. For me, the appeal of Pokemon has always been in competitive battling and creating funky teams and builds. I bounced hard off of Gen VII because of how slow the story was and the lack of challenge.

I found Sword to be about as dull as Moon, unfortunately. Maybe even more so since there wasn’t a weird child-unfriendly reference to Kill La Kill’s MILF supervillain as a final boss.

I’m skipping Gen 9. I really only played Gen 8 because of how vocal and annoying the haters were last year, who all complained about the wrong things.

I think I’m done with this franchise, basically. I skipped Gen 4 when it was feeling too same-y even back then.

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I think this is where I am as well but every now and then feel like I can’t really acknowledge/accept that. I guess I’ll goof around on Showdown and see how that feels and if it scratches my slight Pokemon itch.

Well really the Pokemon game I want to play is called Let’s Go Pikachu Silver or Let’s Go Eevee Emerald.

The older gens are just better, and I’m not sure if nostalgia decides that either.

I think there’s been notable peaks and troughs in the series. Gens 1-3 were great (although I do think 2-3 were noticeable steps up) whereas 4 felt like more of the same. 5 was surprisingly good and willing to push the boat out in some ways with the Challenge Mode and restricting the Pokemen available. X and Y were boring and the new features just didn’t click for me even if ORAS was a great remaster. 7 was really easy but the Ultra editions especially were the most jam packed with content games and the amount of post-game stuff actually felt worthwhile for once. This gen has just been a bit boring tbh and the first DLC didn’t stick with me beyond a fortnight. Interested to see how they go out here.

I think ultimately I just don’t like Pokemon’s more competitive mechanics? I don’t have a long history with these games, like I played one or another of the G1 Gameboy games and that was basically it until SwSh. I enjoyed playing the story parts but pretty much haven’t turned the game on since finishing it.

I can tell that there’s probably something interesting in the team-building mechanics, but the route to putting together a team feels like it’s longer and grindier than it’s worth.

The nice thing about it is that it satisfied my occasional “damn it, I should play a JRPG” urge without me getting bored and quitting like 15 minutes in, which is honestly high praise in my book since I couldn’t even finish the demo for DQXI.


I’ve voiced my complaints about this gen previously, but I couldn’t get more than 1 hour into the first DLC for Sw/Sh. I also am not a huge fan of dynamaxing, it’s probably the main reason I didn’t do anything competitive this gen.

The only 3D game I liked was ORAS (Also my favorite competitive games), but gens 3-5 were far and away my favorite gens

As someone who loved the Legendary hunting of OR/AS, I’m quite excited for this new expansion

I thought this generation was fine. I liked it. I also played 120+ hours of a Digimon game that used basically the same blue background for all its combat encounters and an OK story that was one of my favourite games I played last year.

I guess I just think Pokémon’s neat.

E: Thinking about it more, because competitive play isn’t really a factor for me, I consider each Pokémon game as a novelty, which is why none of the gimmicks, the very small steps forward, and the sweeping changes bother me; Pokémon’s not one consistent thing. I enjoyed Gens IV and V a lot, but I don’t see them as being linearly related to where the games are now.