Here we go again: Pokemon Gen 8

Just highlighting this new music video they did that was directed by Rie Matsumoto (of Kyousougiga and Blood Blockade Battlefront) with lots of notable animators involved


was about to link it, it’s super good and sick

The single player story was kinda meh, but the online battling imo is better than ever. Making a team is the easiest it’s ever been, and climbing the online ladder has been really fun for me. Battle tower sucks though, the AI is just bad and doesn’t get better as you climb in battle tower ranks.

I hadn’t played a mainline Pokemon game since Blue. I enjoyed it, I only really care about filling my dex. It was fun for me to catch mon and explore the world. My biggest issues with the game are in regard to its online functionality, Nintendo really needs to get better at online play.

The Crown Tundra (the second Sword and Shield expansion) just dropped. Anyone else playing it?

Yeah! I enjoyed the writing more this time around compared to Isle of Armor. The Dynamax Adventures…are a little frustrating because they could have been great, but unfortunately the rental pokemon they give you are extremely underwhelming. For example, Beartic literally has no moves on it that take advantage of its massive 130 attack stat. It has only special moves, and body press, which uses its defense defense stat. Also the link code system was always bad and is basically worse now that you actually have to somewhat coordinate with players to do well in the Dynamax Adventures.


Yeah, I was talking with a friend of mine and I said that there really isn’t a good way to do a Dynamax Adventure without having a Discord call open. It’s also kind of frustrating to have a team of competitively-raised Pokemon that I spent a week on for the express purposes of Legend-hunting only to find that they’re going to give me a Seaking instead. It’s the same reason I don’t like playing Draft in Magic: I want to play with the good stuff. Way into how they have actual capital-S Secrets in this expansion though.

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Sounds like there’s more meat to this round? I’ll probably check it out within the next few months.

Kinda sorta ish. When you show up in the Crown Tundra, you meet a dude named Peony and his daughter (whose name currently escapes me). Peony is an overbearing dad who dragged his daughter to the Crown Tundra to do some adventuring. She’s not interested. So you get volunteered to do the adventuring instead. There are…let’s say five components to this particular DLC

  1. The local Legendary Pokemon needs your help. This is where all of the actual “story” content is.
  2. Capture the Regis.
  3. Capture the Galarian forms of the Legendary Birds.
  4. Sonia (now Professor Sonia) shows up for reasons I will not spoil but suffice it to say I think it might be my favorite part of the DLC, and
  5. Max Adventures.

Max Adventures feature you and three other folks picking from a list of deeply underwhelming pre-fab Pokemon and going through a sequence of Max Raids. There are some branching options (you can pick between one of a few options for your next Raid boss with the exception of the final encounter) and you can swap Pokemon either with the occasional passing scientist or with the Pokemon you caught in the encounter, if you decide to go that route. You can heal a little if you run into Berries, but you are not otherwise permitted to use Items.

The final encounter of each Adventure is one from a long list of potential Legendary-caliber Pokemon (my first final boss was a Suicune, for example). After you finish the adventure, you are permitted to keep one of the Pokemon you decided to catch on the way. As I said, the fact that you’re only allowed the use of the loaner Pokemon is a bummer, but it’s a big ol’ slice of nostalgia pie to be able to have access to literally every Legendary Pokemon ever.


I’ve complained plenty about this gen of Pokemon. I don’t like Dynamaxing, I think it hurts the flow of Pokemon battles that I’m accustomed to, so I haven’t wanted to get into competitive this gen (additionally, I think Persona 5’s combat is so good that it made me kind of uninterested in taking Pokemon combat seriously). I prefer the map size and style of the 2d games more as well. I missed the post game exploration that the older games (particularly Pearl and Black) had, and this game just didn’t. All-in-all, there are a lot of good games out there, and for awhile I didn’t feel like I needed to waste my time on Shield anymore…

Until this week. I just had an itch to play the game. And I played through the Isle of Armor expansion (fine I guess?) this weekend, and then brought my Pokedex from 190 to 305. I’m actually fairly confident I’ll finish the dex over the next week or two. There’s something so nice about making those numbers go up, something so comforting about having a to-do list for the game that feels manageable. I’m surprised at how fun it’s been to run around the map, evolve Pokemon, and catch new ones. It might not have the magical feel that previous gens had for me, but I’m actually enjoying Pokemon for the first time in a long while.

Does anyone here have a good suggestion for trading groups online? The online trading in this gen is such a downgrade, and I’m definitely going to need help for some specific Pokemon. Do people trade on the waypoint discord?

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We do trade on the discord in the #nintendo-stuff channel. I have Shield but have completed the base game and Armor dex’s @me on discord if you are looking for someone to trade with, I’m always happy to help.

There is also an informal system of using specific codes for specific version swaps and trade evolutions:

Wow, those codes are perfect! Thanks so much! I’ll @ you on discord if I need any additional help

Over the past few days I’ve had an itching to play more Pokémon, so I finally completed the Isle of Armor and have been working on the Crown Tundra. The story beats in the expansions have been fun, and I really love the Galarian forms of the Kanto legendary birds. I’ve still got a bit more to do in the Crown Tundra (plus I still need to find the rest of the Digletts in the Isle of Armor).

Coming back to this after a few months has been really bringing to bear how the map systems they’ve been using for Pokémon games doesn’t adapt well to the Wild Areas. It’s less noticeable in the normal Wild Area and the Isle of Armor, but it’s a real pain trying to figure out where exactly on the map you are in the Crown Tundra since it has a lot of high walls that can block your view of landmarks, lots of twists and turns, and a bunch of same-y looking biomes.

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Anybody jumping in for the Diamond/Pearl remakes?

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I miiiiiiight ask for them as a gift or something since I missed gen 4 the first time around. Not hopping in right away, though. As a pixel fan I think it’s too bad that they went to chibi instead of porting the original look over.

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I am, predictably, as soon as I get home tomorrow! Been craving a pokemon game for a while but held off because I knew these were on their way.

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I had a spare voucher so I picked up Brilliant Diamond because those doggy boys are in it! Looking forward to getting stuck in this weekend as I’ve not played my Switch in months.

Too rich for my blood. After decades of $35 dollar Pokemon games (including tax), I can’t pay $60 for games that I’ve increasingly found are just kinda good.

Let’s Go Eevee was well worth the money, I had a lot of fun with that nostalgia. Sword and Shield put me to sleep, sadly.


I never played the original Diamond and Pearl and I could be in the mood for some Pokemon in the near future, so I’m curious to hear what people think about the remakes. Unless people are super high on them, I might just use this as an excuse to play the originals.

From what I’ve seen, while there’s some nice stuff in the remasters, you’re missing out on all the (generally really good) additions and changes made in Pokemon Platinum. Haven’t played these remasters myself but I played a lot of gen 4 at original release and in the years since, and Platinum just seems a generally stronger game based on what I’ve seen of BDSP

(that said, for anyone who doesn’t have access to DS games anymore, these remasters seem perfectly fine)