Here's a Very Intense, Very Violent Scene from 'The Last of Us Part II'

With Uncharted heading into the rearview mirror for Naughty Dog, all eyes are pointing towards The Last of Us II, the studio's next effort. It's unclear when The Last of Us II will arrive (my bet's spring or fall of 2019), but if you liked The Last of Us' dark take on society's place in the apocalypse, The Last of Us II will have plenty more of that. At Sony's Paris Games Week event, Naughty Dog revealed a new scene from the game:

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I think… I’m done with Naughty Dog’s games.

I haven’t played one since the first Last of Us, which I liked a lot at the time. But the bad statement with regard to sexual allegations and then this needlessly brutal trailer. Idk.

I’m not even against violence in games but the tone of this and the lack of context threw me.


I’m feeling the same way. Naughty Dog is in a really weird position in the industry and this trailer was just WAY TOO MUCH for what just happened. Like Danika posted on her twitter, this trailer gave a bad taste.


That was disturbing, stated nothing about the game, and like Danika said on twitter, “just a reminder that naughty dog put out the worst “statement” re: sexual allegations, ever.” I’m glad I did not enjoy The Last of Us because I’m only slightly disappointed by how this full thing has been handled.


I don’t think The Last of Us is a particularly great game, but it will be interesting to see how close they are going to hit these obvious bullshot graphics. Needlessly violent also yes. People these days think anything that is ultra violent means it’s high quality.

and a million gamer boys cried out “Wow What A Great Trailer Of A Woman Being Violently Abused In An Industry That Frequently Uses The Abuse Of Women For Vapid Shock Value”

(also don’t look at the replies to danika’s tweet because it’s all very bad very angry gamer babies)


From what I remember, one of the things I liked a lot about TLOU was how it featured horrific violence that was actually earned (from my interpretation anyway). But upping the level of violence to something out of Stephen King’s Misery with ZERO context for what is happening and who anyone is just felt like glorified torture porn. Not to mention how Sony closing their conference with the grotesque physical abuse of women – all because they needed a big closer – just felt like the most tone deaf of scheduling choices.


It showed way more of the violence than I expected it to. Similar to the early reveals of the first game it sets a very dark tone and I’m hoping the narrative in the game holds up and they don’t veer too far into scenes like this which can come off gratuitous without any context.

Naughty Dog is very quickly reaching the “uncomfortably close to real life” with their graphics and animation though.

Yeah, I agree with that tweet. Also the replies to it are bad. They’re bad! Gamers need to stop!

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The tone of that trailer was really unsettling, and feels like a total 180 from how good Uncharted: Lost Legacy dealt with female friendship and heroism.

this is why i am not a gamer


I agree that I think TLOU 1 handled violence fairly well. I should probably watch it again, but I don’t think the sexual assault scene against Ellie (in the first game) had the kind of lingering/exploitative camera shots and framing as seen in this trailer. Also, was there a trigger warning? Regardless, it’s still probably a bad move to have this scene in what is essential a feel-good hype event, especially after the nostalgia feels of SotC.

Literal same tbh


From a technical standpoint this is phenomenal. From an artistic standpoint, I dunno. I’m not sure why ND games are held to such high regard, the writing and gameplay are always disappointing (although the ending to TLoU is outstanding, everything before that, not so much).

This just seems like gore for the sake of it. Can’t say I expect much better from them, though.


Gamers are bad and expected to be bad now days ugh

That trailer added nothing of value. It seemed like they just wanted to shock people into talking about the game without anything substantial to show off. No thanks


Gross, gross, gross. I enjoyed the first game a lot and am really disappointed in what they’ve shown for the sequel. Between the context-free brutality against women of this trailer and Neil Druckmann’s statement that while TLOU was about love, TLOU2 will be about hate it’s really shaping up to be a game that’s thrown away what I liked about the series in the first place.


You know the first Last of Us had a really brutal debut of gameplay footage which I got to see at various events and see people cheering as Joel completely owns a final enemy with a shotgun blast to the face. But it was earned because they showed the two characters sneaking/fighting their way through an area of people who want them dead, showed off just about everything you need to know about how the game plays in like three minutes, and builds up to that final moment because it set the context.

This is just like, why do I want to buy this game again?


I think you make a good point, if you have invested some time in getting to know the characters, this scene could be very powerful.

Without any context, it just comes across as shock value.

Is this really what Naughty Dog thinks people liked about Last of Us?

Because they could have kept on releasing 30 second trailers with no Info and people would have been on board. TLOU2 really didn’t need a really bad trailer to get people talking. This was a conscious choice. They want everyone to know This is what TLOU2 tone is. And all I can say is No Thanks.

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