Here's Blizzard's Plan to Deal With Shitty 'Overwatch' Trolls


In the future, there will be a system that notifies you when someone you've reported has been dealt with.

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As a PS4 player, these features can’t come soon enough.


Alright, eff those trolls!


I don’t play Overwatch any more, but it was definitely very frustrating to have reported so many players for toxicity, slurs, insults and then never get any feedback at all on what happened. Good to see this coming in.


I quit specifically because of the toxicity and feeling powerless to stop it. Once this system is implemented, it’ll go a long way to bringing me back.


A revolutionary system people were calling for in the first month of the game’s release to which the response was “We don’t want that system”. Also holy shit a 1 day ban for one of the most reported players in the game. A guy that said he’ll intentionally tank a game live on stream. A whole twenty four hours. That must have needed Jeff’s fucking approval for that.


This seems nice but too late for me to care. I’ve already seen several dozen games with filled with slurs of all kinds I’m not really looking to come back unless they actually establish harsh penalties and stand by them.

I hope they pull it off but I’m not holding my breath


I’m really glad to hear they’re clamping down. Hope it works