Here's Nintendo's New, $200 Switch Lite

Nintendo just revealed the Switch Lite, a new, $200, handheld-only iteration of its massively successful Switch console released in 2017.

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It looks real sleek, I’m sure lack of docking will be a deal-breaker for many, but popular for younger kids or people who already use it this way.

Nice d-pad though, I hope Nintendo releases a proper one that’s wireless as opposed to the Hori one.

The lack of some sort of account and save cloud function makes future Switch iterations hard to sell for current owners though, hope they figure out some solution for that before a Switch “new” releases.


I said this on polygon as well, but to those TEENS in the commercial, you can’t bike to the skatepark losers!!! Skate there! Skate or die!

I have very little feelings on the actual console, but yeah I’m a lil salty about this ad.


Still laughing about them cutting to the astronaut playing his switch lite in space and it’s the moon kingdom of mario odyssey


I don’t know what influenced the color choices, but that yellow switch is fantastic. Make joycons like that and I’ll be a happy person!


As someone who has only used his Switch docked once for 15 minutes, I am very into this version and the very good color schemes. Will be curious if the rumored more powerful Switch version comes in a Lite version (the equivalent of a n3ds?).

This was announced a week after I bought a Switch that I will most likely never dock. Nice.


Gosh, the torrent of gamers whining online about how this isn’t designed specifically for them (even with the OG Switch still on sale) is just tiring.

The system looks neat though, and as a Switch owner it’s nice to know that the system’s install base is about to get dramatically larger. Plus, that dpad is looking real good after playing a bunch of Mario Maker 2 on Joycons.


Dissapointed in the lack of a transparent version, but if I wouldn’t already have a regular Switch, I would totally get one of those.

Those Gameboy Pro XL color options do look nice…

In all seriousness though, I’ve always loved a good handheld console, and I’d be all over this if I didn’t already have a regular switch.

Couple questions I have:

  • With this being a “dedicated handheld”, does that mean 3DS support is on its way out the door?
  • How’s the battery life? I assume it’d have to be at least a little better than the regular switch right? Considering it doesn’t have things like a vibration module for instance.
  • If I owned one of these and a regular Switch, I’m curious if I could use the same Nintendo account across both

Now with this out of the way, how about announcing whatever the more powerful version is, if it exists.


I’m legitimately surprised there’s no TV output at all. Looks like a neat little system though. I feel like this is really the final merger between Nintendo’s handheld and console.

If you’re interested in having a translucent switch (or just joycons) there are some companies that sell DIY joycon and switch backing shells in various colors.

I bought these last year and they work perfectly well with no issue:

They sell them in like all the classic N64 colors, with a traditional D-pad or the separate arrow buttons.

A litte word of caution, those joycons are pretty intricate and require some disassembly in order to replace the shells, but if you think you’re up for it, I found this video very helpful to follow along.

I heard somewhere (I want to say originating from cnet?) that its battery will last 20-30% longer than the original, depending on the game.

Ah I heared of this a while back I think? I might look into those when I have some money to spend and I need new Joycons anyway because my left one has a wonky analogue stick.

This looks super neat. I would hope it all being in one piece would mean the controller parts are of higher quality. I love my switch but the joycons meet that perfect “expensive yet also just cheap and shoddy” feeling ( I’m not even a year in and I’m already having issues)

If you’re having issues within a year (and don’t mind losing them for a couple weeks) I strongly recommend trying to send them in to Nintendo for repair. It was pretty painless for me and it meant they also extended my warranty, so I’m covered if I get more issues.

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I’ve been hearing weird shit about cloud saves.

Like, that cloud saves won’t work between systems if you have a Switch Flexible and a Switch Lite. With specific games, such as the new Pokemon.

What’s the deal?

I’m assuming some sort of “anti cheat” type of thing. I can swear they are doing it for like animal crossing too? Just another one of those bizarre and stupid choices that they always make.

Oh this looks adorable. Not for me, I like my switch as is, but this would certainly be tempting if I didn’t have one presently.

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