Here's Our First Look at 'Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order' Gameplay

Electronic Arts showed off 15 minutes of gameplay from Respawn Entertainment’s upcoming game Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order at its pre-E3 event EA Play on Saturday.

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It looks a little janky, hoping they clean up the animations for the final release in November. Also… I really don’t like the look of the main character. He’s a boring cishet white dude. One of the reasons I really like the KOTOR games is the ability to choose who my jedi is. I was kind of hoping they might get away from the white dude protag, but I guess games aren’t moving as progressively towards representation as I want.

Hope it’s a fun and good time.


That poor R2 unit. #JusticeForEmpireR2


Was that actual Forest Whitaker or fake soundalike Forest Whitaker? If it was actual Forest Whitaker, does that make this a Gemini Man situation, where he’s voicing a supposedly young version of himself?


If they smooth out the animations this might play kinda… Bloodborne-y. It definitely looks more deliberate than previous Jedi game’s lightsaber combat.

Let’s see…

Dot in the center of enemy to indicate lock on. Check.

Thing that looks like a posture gauge in the middle of the bottom of the screen during fights. Check.

Number next to your health bar that indicates healing item charges (but this time your estus is a little robot who also hacks and I love it). Check.

Fam, this a Sekiro.


I’m sure I’ll play it for like $15 in a few years, but the main character is so off putting t me I can’t even pretend to get interested.

Yeah, his character from Rogue One has shown up in Rebels as well.

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This game sure looks like it was designed by executives


This looks fine, just fine.

I hope they knock it out of the park with the story, because I don’t see how this game truly stands out beside Uncharted, Tomb Raider, Red Dead, AC Odyssey, Spider-Man, TLOU, Sekiro, God of War, Evil Within, or any other entry in the tsunami of action adventure games we’re being swept up in.

And I’ll say it again, this dude seems weirdly passive about the whole murder thing in a way that I feel Jedi’s kinda shouldn’t be? But, also again, maybe that’s just me.


This looks like a less intense star wars version of sekiro but with all the usual heavily scripted AAA game bullshit piled on top of it. I rolled my eyes REAL hard when he squeezed sideways through that maintenance corridor thing just like every AAA game protagonist has done since like, Silent Hill Homecoming? Uncharted 1? I know it’s probably in there to hide some behind-the-scenes loading but its weirdly comical that this one specific thing is such an omnipresent cliche by now lol.

I generally trust Respawn to make a pretty good game and I may check this out once it goes on sale, but it is somehow both weirder AND blander than I was expecting in ways I am having trouble articulating. I wonder if I’d be more excited if I actually gave a single shit about Star Wars.

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This is pretty much what I expected this would look like. Even if you can kill storms in one hit, as it should be, everything just seems so weirdly clunky. Kind of weird too that they did the “oh no, a strong enemy is just about to get you fade to black” demo footage thing with a normal robot. I mean, that robot’s just going to get cut in half in a second.

Also, those blaster shots are really slow. I guess they’re going soulsish with the combat like people are saying, but does that really need to come over?

It played like the rhythms of a stop-n-pop cover shooter transplanted into a melee-focused game.

For as much as I might give God of War 2018 grief for being a ho-hum action game which prioritizes spectacle over mechanical nuance, throughout it you feel the question was repeatedly asked of “what are the conceptually interesting things we can do with an axe weapon” and created varying enemy styles and patterns to account for that.

This isn’t doing anything especially novel with using a lightsaber. And I’m not even seeing that much of the Sekiro influence here because there isn’t a real push and pull in delicate balance of offense and defense.

I can see some Souls influence with the combat rhythms, but the strength of those games isn’t their combat, it’s the range of choices in character builds and the engaging atmosphere of the world you’re exploring.

The most damning thing is that it’s following the mold of Force Unleashed by using the Star Wars universe as a wrapper for an otherwise bog-standard character action game, and not using the IP to inform design choices.


In fairness to that point, it’s tricky to convey high-level game structure in a short demo format.

But yeah, showing the player hopping between different environments and doing more map navigation (it’s shown only briefly in this demo) would have helped a ton for communicating that this apparently isn’t a linear corridor from start to finish.


Looks alright. Seems like a game I’ll get in 6 months from a friend or for like 25 bucks like I did for god of war.

God these E3 demos always do this lol like I get that it isn’t easy to quickly demo a game with that sort of scope or structure but the demo didn’t communicate the metroidvania part at all, aside from maybe a few side paths that the character didn’t go down. Like come on there has to be a better way, you’d think by now marketing teams would get that people will be more interested in it if they actually understand what kind of game it is

I wonder if one of the metroidvania upgrades the character can find is a personality HEYOOO


Going by literally all Star Wars content ever made Jedi being passive about murder is the rule rather than the exception.

This will be an awesome PS+ or $9.99 game in a couple of years.

Yeah, though I do find it kind of baffling that they didn’t at least talk about this stuff. They do this interview format for this E3 thing this time around and don’t talk about what the game is actually like?

You know, If it’s gonna be a metriodvania ish game made by respawn, I think I’m gonna be optimistic. I can’t say I have lots of hype, but I hope it turns out well. It’s a lot more healthy mindset than being cynical and snarky for me


I don’t know if I’d go that far, but he sure as fuck seems like a video game protagonist.

We joke about that astromech droid being casually tossed into those stormtroopers, but what if you weren’t allowed to just callously wreck things like that? If I want to do that, I can just play Force Unleashed again and those games are bad.

And, Cal, my guy, leave those fucking spiders alone, they’re just animals, they didn’t do shit to you.

I guess seeing King of the Monsters a couple times has turned me into an insufferable hippie. Ya’ll want to come to my Grateful Dead tribute show?

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