Here's the New Trailer for 'Red Dead Redemption 2'

Yep, it's still coming out next year. Boo!

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Looks cool. I’m really looking forward to playing a new Red Dead and Rockstar’s trailers are always well done cinematically, but at this point I’m just eager to see extended gameplay. I know that’s a while away from happening still though.

Didn’t get very “hyped” by this. That world looks like it will be nice to ride around in, but after GTA5 I have so little faith that they’ll pull off an enjoyable story campaign. (Even if I know that the lead studio is San Diego and not North.)

Kinda not thrilled by hours and hours of tough men being tough.

I’ve also grown tired of Rockstar narratives, but for a different reason: I am so tired of being a single-minded, simple man who enters into uneasy agreements with talkative extrovert weirdos to do one-too-many unrelated missions for them in order to get the next thread for the main story. I can’t stand those quest characters anymore. They aren’t funny, and the protagonist clearly does not want to listen to them, yet they always manage to ramble on for several minutes before and after every mission. I hope they find a better, more seamless way to offer side missions without having to couch them in between the soliloquies of uninteresting assholes.


I am so incredibly hyped for this. I get the criticism about Rockstar’s missteps when it comes to characters but I really don’t care. The amount of polish and care these devs put into designing these worlds is absurd, and the quiet moments I spent riding through the prairie in the dead of night while the rain softly comes down and the ambient guitar notes play produced a feeling nothing else ever really has.

Red Dead Redemption was never about the explosions and characters shouting at each other about this or that, but about transporting you to a time often overlooked in video games: a beautiful, hostile frontier on the brink of disappearing, and I think they nailed every aspect of it.

It looks good, but I can’t help but feel it’s lacking the same sense of purpose that the original Red Dead Redemption had. A western set during the death of the Old West was a pretty unique premise; the time of outlaws and cowboys was well-past its peak. John Marston’s whole goal in the game is to help the government in exchange for the freedom to settle down with his family. The themes felt fresh and mature coming from Rockstar’s previous efforts, and the figurative death of the Frontier and the literal death of Marston both contributed to the overarching theme of coping (or the inability to cope) with a rapidly moving, changing world.

Setting the clock back just feels… needless to me? Going back into the thick of the Old West seems like an excuse for Rockstar to indulge full-stop in Western tropes, and I’m not sure how this one’s gonna measure up to the original.


I’m really with you on this. RDR had so much to say about the male power fantasy it embodied. And I loved the way the “ludonarrative dissonance” of Mariston being both a wild gangster and family man embodied that. It’s a really thoughtful and human game, despite its missteps. Doubling down on the western power fantasy while lightening up on the slow decay of the world is definitely going to result in something less powerful.

I really wanted the next game to get away from the same power fantasy as the first one. Let me play a game as Bonnie Macfarlane and explore trying to settle and live in a world that is constantly trying to destroy me. Explore the same ideas, but from a different perspective. This is just too safe.

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It looks great, but (presumably) the protagonist just seems like a big humourless jerk? I mean there’s ways to do a murderous outlaw and make him a likable asshole and this trailer seems to do none of that. That’s a pretty grim prospect to me if I’m going to be spending open-world-number-of-hours in his skin.

Still looks great. I was hoping for a reveal of new gameplay mechanics. The fact that they didn’t has me thinking that not much will be different from the first game, which is disheartening.