Heroes of the Storm 2.0


Any hots players in the house? 2.0 just hit and I feel like I’m falling in love again.

I feel really childish that my love of this game has been rekindled by free cosmetics.


i play sometimes,


Yeah, I got back into it thanks to the crossover event happening right now. It’s pretty alright since I get the hankering for a moba every now and then and it’s by far the least anxiety-inducing one of those to queue for solo.


I haven’t played in forever, but signed in to get the new bundle. I have a lot of heroes now!


I’ve been playing with friends recently.

I honestly think HOTS is the most fun MOBA I’ve played. It takes away a lot of the convoluted parts of LoL and DotA and focuses on the fun stuff, which is the team fights. Also I love that the matches are only like 20 minutes instead of 40-60, makes it a lot easier to jump in and out.

I have no desire to play LoL or DotA ever again but I’ll gladly play a game of HOTS once in a while.


I need to get better about this. I stay in a pretty small comfort zone of specialists. I just got a ton of supports I’ve been meaning to try forever in my bundle.


last hits suck. getting rid of those alone make it more attractive


I’ve been playing a fuckton since 2.0 dropped and I was playing a lot since they added Lúcio, which means I never have to play Overwatch to get my fill of this good soft frog boy. Like the addition of cosmetics is really good, but mostly I’m just fucking thrilled they changed the leveling system, because leveling Heroes fuckin sucked. The only gripe I have is that character specific lootboxes didn’t get grandfathered in, which means I missed out on one for Lúcio and another for Tyrande.


I’ve been playing to get the quests for the Overwatch skins and have been having lots of fun playing with friends against AI. I know that once I start playing against other actual people it’s not going to be nearly as fun getting absolutely destroyed. Makes me yearn for a PVE-centric MOBA-like.


Last hits, denying, and item builds are all completely unnecessary and just add extra complexity that doesn’t need to be there. That’s why I like that HOTS just strips the MOBA down to its essentials.


I enjoy me some HotS.


I always liked HoTS but 2.0 brought me back. I understand that it might seem silly for free cosmetics to bring you back to a game, but it’s always nice to have a carrot on a stick to follow.


HoTS is great and 2.0 is real good. It’s nice now that you don’t have to pay money to get the cool cosmetic stuff.


I will say this: Now that more people have fun new skins, I am having a little trouble distinguishing silhouettes of visually similar characters. I am sure I will get used to it, eventually.


My only gripe with 2.0 goes like this: I love that they added announcers, I wish they had put in any good announcers.


Are there any meet-up forums yet? After listening to the bucket question about finding friends and having them mention forums, I’ve been looking forward to maybe playing a few games with people here. The HotS event seemed like a pretty good time and reason.


Where’s my Lúcio announcer? Where is he? ;n;


I have been getting ready to download it for like, a week. I’ll probably finally get around to it tomorrow. I’m real excited game looks v good.


This implies abathur and murky aren’t the best announcers they could’ve made, besides the eventual inclusion of a rock’n’roll racing car as an announcer.


I want a Diablo 1 narrator announcer.