He's a Knight, AND he's Green?!

I just cannot get over how good The Green Knight looks. This shit looks slammin’

I don’t really know anything about the original poem, other than a basic outline of the plot and the queer subtext, which I’m really hoping doesn’t get cut out of this adaptation. If done right, this could be the trippy, gay, Warhammer film that literally everyone has been asking for.

And there’s a cute little fox


shit looks fuckin aces, I started reading a modern translation of the original poem because the trailer piqued my interest

also cool to see a brown dude in a role where his skin colour doesn’t actually matter

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Medievalist Twitter was screaming in joy over this when the trailer dropped, we’re all stoked.


I love that twitter creates communities around everything, but I was still not ready for the phrase “medievalist twitter.” That’s so fun!


Days later and I still can’t get over how beautiful that trailer was. The poster’s pretty good too.

Honestly might have to read the poem beforehand just out of excitement for this thing. Wouldn’t mind knowing some cool accounts from medievalist twitter to follow either :eyes:


The poem is wild. Absolutely wild. I’m not familiar with the gay subtext as that was probably scrubbed from the translation I had to read in high school.
The story is a great hoot though. I’m all in.

To contrast this, we know Cannon Films for their insanely regressive 80s movies like Death Wish 2, Last American Virgin, Delta Force, etc. But there was a brief point where they put out a few adaptations of fairy tales. There’s a Cannon Films Hercules movie, and a Cannon Films Sinbad movie.

But there’s also a third one, wonderfully crappy film called Sword of the Valiant: The Legend of Sir Gawain and the Green Knight.

It stars MILES O’KEEFE as Gawain and SEAN CONNERY as The Green Knight. The costumes are ridiculously cheap and trashy in a way only Cannon Films could deliver. An absolute nothing of a movie, but worth seeing anyway because of the above.

Anyway that aside I’m like super ultra mega hyped for this adaptation. The poem is good shit.


man I cannot wait for this. my most anticipated movie for this year, so far. I can’t stop thinking about the trailer

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