Hey all just curious if anyone has any good recommendations on classic roguelike Video Let's Plays/Streams?

Left field topic i know. Anyway i’d absolutely love to hear anyone’s recommendations on rougelikes/lites in general but i’m mostly curious if anyone has any good suggestions on entertaining people who, for my lack of knowledge on the proper vernacular, play “classic style” ASCII or tile based roguelikes? Anything from Nethack & Angband to more modern games like ADOM, DCSS, ToME 4, Caves of Qud, Cataclysm: DDA, Cogmind, Ultimo Ratio Regum (bonus points for this rare one lol)? Also always up for good Dwarf Fortress videos. Marginalized creators would be a plus too. Love it when Austin & his SF crew play those games and i can’t get enough.

Just getting into the genre and there are dozens of options on Twitch & Youtube but am always concerned after jumping in to random unvetted streams where someone will soon reveal themselves to be a well… a cryptofascist (though this is probably worse when i was delving into random grand strategy game streamers, any help finding good content creators there would be appreciated too!).

Thanks all and its really good to see such a good & welcoming community here! :slight_smile:

Hiya, I have a couple of reccs so I went ahead and signed up for an account.

First person I’d recommend is quill18. He pretty regularly has let’s plays of DCSS and Cataclysm.

Another person I’d recommend is jefmajor. His account is pretty dead now but he has a few let’s plays of roguelikes from a few years ago.


Oooh thanks for replying! I should have probably realized that quill18 did roguelikes beyond the grand strategy stuff that often gets surfaced with his account. And i’ll definitely check jefmajor, really appreciate it! :grinning: