Hey peeps, just a PSA


A public service announcement:
Call your mother/s. It’s mothers day after all.
Thank you and good day.


You miss your mother
She brought you into the world


Some mothers are not
Very good so dont feel shame
If you don’t call her


Hope y’all are finding your own ways to “Go for it” today :sparkling_heart:


My mother detests
corporate propaganda,
so I shall not call.

(No shade, if you care.
My family’s communist,
so that’s how we do.)


My mother is plain
abusive and I’m glad she
is out of my life

Don’t take your loving
mothers for granted cause some
of us don’t have one


A voice from far off
Carried by signals unseen
Hold weight only she knows

All PSA thread should be in Haiku form. Rather

For our P.S.A’s
Waypoint constructs poems for you
Gamersgate would not


Word to your mother.
Go ninja, go ninja, go.
Happy Mother’s Day.


I WILL NOT CALL MY MOTHER TODAY! I called yesterday, because it was her birthday. She’ll call tomorrow because it will be mine.


Live at home right now
On this day my phone is quite


I took my mom out to dinner
but told co-workers of my plans
They had the nerve to chide me
’Why are you so dour about it’
as if I should be ecstatic about a woman
who refuses to use my pronouns or name


Mother’s Day was March
So I’m ok on that front
Here’s an emoji :ok_hand:


A lot of people here and elsewhere on the internet are in full “reminded” mode what today is and it’s a complicated day for a lot of people for a lot of reasons. There’s no need for a PSA, I think.

For everyone: echoing others, you don’t have call your mother if you don’t want to. IF today is hard because you’re not quite a mom or you miss your mom or otherwise, you’re cool too.

Let’s not make people feel bad for how they choose to acknowledge today. <3