Hey. Sup? How you doing today?


Me? I’m good. I’m just chilling, eating a burrito. Got back from the doc’s and the bank and that’s about all I can muster today cause I’m still trying to shake off how tired I am from doing two Extra Life events two weekends in a row. Gonna basically just cozy up for the night, maybe play some Stardew or Etrian Odyssey V.

But what are you up to? How’s the day? How’s the grind treating you? You eating right? Sleeping right? Got anything you gotta talk about?

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I have a videogame project to deliver on january but i can’t wait and have done at least more than half the work in the last week.

I’ve left nothing for my project team… not sure if good or bad :confused:


I’m currently working on my Statement of Purpose for a graduate school that I am applying to. I took the GRE on Monday and achieved the score that I wanted to hit.

I’m SUPER stressed out but I am trying super hard to get into this particular university! Hopefully I will be able to but we shall see!


How important is this project? You in school or what?



Very stressed and bad but thank you for providing me an outlet to share that because I’ve having to tell people “I’m fine” all day.




Yes, college. It’s uh, important i guess. Not like they wouldn’t get the grade, it’s more that this is …practice they should have?


I’m hanging on. Better today than yesterday though. Thanks for asking.


I’m writing lessons for my classes tomorrow and while I’m pretty bummed to be working this late, I can at least tell that I won’t be spending my whole night on this.
Also, playing this on loop is helping me get through it:


I haven’t had an uninterrupted or full nights sleep in, like, 13 years, but today I finally finished that puzzle that got me stuck in Opus Magnum (I’m not good at this game??). And I finished all of Monument Valley 2, which I can’t recommend enough. Can’t wait to buy the soundtrack.


I wish I had something good to say, but I don’t because I think I caught some kind of stomach bug and now I can’t keep any food or water down, I’ve got a fever, and I can’t sleep! Uuuuooooh :nauseated_face:


I’m doing quite well actually. I put up a random beat on soundcloud. People seem to be liking it. I wrote some poetry. I’m in the middle of finishing articles.

I ran and ate well <3. I hope you all have a lovely day.


I’ve got a phone interview on Monday, and some fun stuff planned for Saturday, and I’m realizing I really ought to be in a better mood!


Hang in there buds. You can get through this. I know it.

I mean, you’re gonna have to tell them what’s up eventually. Unless it’s a particularly stressful time of the year right now, you should probably let em know what’s up sooner rather than later. I mean, if they are going to be mad that they won’t get the practice, you can always look into expanding the scope of the project to allow for that, but considering college is much more about not drowning than becoming the best at swimming, I think most people will be fine with it.


Hey, congrats on the release and people liking it duder. Good to put yourself out there and keep working on expressing yourself in the art forms that you love.

You should! Enjoy yourself on Saturday and good luck with the phone interview. You’ll do great.


i’m glad yet another week of college is over and that i got to see thor ragnarok yesterday (really entertaining movie!)

however my younger brother is in the hospital right now bc of an infection and that sucks! thankfully nothing life threatening or anything like that, just gross and uncomfortable. this is the first time anyone in my family has had to go to the emergency room as far as i can remember, so we’ve been pretty lucky, all things considered, and hopefully my brother has learned his lesson about hiding a health problem until it becomes too big to avoid talking about lmao

hope you’re having an ok day today OP!


I’m doing pretty good today. My apartments held an early community thanksgiving dinner with some AMAZING turkey. I also went to an art opening tonight at the college I graduated from earlier this year. I got to see great work from some of my friends I kind of lost touch with. It was nice to see everyone and get lots of happy hugs. Oh and I played another session of Star Trek Adventures, the star trek tabletop rpg. (I’m the captain :slight_smile:) It’s a fun enough system, but the mechanics are probably too crunchy for such a dialogue-heavy setting. So yeah good times.


I’ve been better. I’ve been worse

(They got the fox out with some dish soap it was fine)


I have nothing of substance to add except to say that this gif is adorable.


I am honestly a little bummed out that the first thing I saw on the forums was this thread about Razor Blade gaming laptops & I got really excited because I misread & thought it was about Aggressive Inline Razor Skates.