Hey, teachers! How do you use games in class?

Hey, everyone!

I am a teacher and I love playing and learning from video games. I was wondering if there were any other teachers or educators out there that are Waypoint fans.

If so, what do you teach and do you try to incorporate video games into your teaching at all? Do you gamify your lessons and units? Do you run an after school program (shout out to Sam Phillips!)?

I am a physical education teacher and I love using the Just Dance games for the Wii. The Just Dance games are perfect for teaching dancing to students. I love it because it can really help students get more comfortable with dancing. How I play is I set up a projector on a cart and attach the Wii to it. I will usually have to have a stereo for the music, too. I then project the game onto a big wall and have everyone follow along to the song even if they aren’t holding a wiimote. Since everyone is busy looking at the screen and following the dancer, it allows students to not have the pressure of having others watch them dance because the focus is elsewhere. It’s a great game to teach the concept of mirroring and movement patterns!


I’ve shown a few students this at my tutoring center, but Marc ten Bosch (of Meigakure fame) released an app called “4D Toys” a while back. I’ve found it to be a fun and fascinating box of “4D” objects, and a great way for kids to mess around with and discover the properties of higher-dimension objects. Play is essential to mathematics imo