Hey, Waypoint Forum, What's Your Favorite Marvel Movie?

  • Ant-Man
  • Avengers (Assemble)
  • Avengers: Age of Ultron
  • Captain America: The First Avenger
  • Captain America: The Winter Soldier
  • Captain America: Civil War
  • Doctor Strange
  • Guardians of the Galaxy
  • Guardians of the Galaxy: Vol. 2
  • The Incredible Hulk
  • Iron Man
  • Iron Man 2
  • Iron Man 3
  • Thor
  • Thor: The Dark World

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So there are a lot of gosh dang Marvel movies out there. Heck, a new one just came out this weekend!

And when you have a lot of media to enjoy, invariably you end up with a favorite.

So… what’s your favorite Marvel movie?

[spoiler]Yes, I didn’t include the Sony Spider-Men or any of the non-MCU movies. Look at that list! It’s pretty dang long!!!

Also, apparently you can do a numerical poll, but I couldn’t figure out how to do it and decided to go with this instead. CHOOSE YOUR FAVORITE.[/spoiler]


Winter Soldier is objectively the best, and will be thought of as such long after the mcu is over.


I’ve seen four of those I think. Guardian’s was pretty fun.


Guardians was the most fun, but The Winter Soldier is the best made film without a doubt.


It’s definitely between Winter Soldier and Guardians, but Guardians is just so fun-loving that it edges out.


Winter Soldier is the best, but GotG Vol. 2 is probably the one I had most fun seeing so going with that.


GotG definitely with the sequel close behind. Winter Soldier is really good and well made but GotG is just special.


I’m gonna be a Hipster and say I really really love Age of Ultron. It’s got the best villain in the entire MCU, and I just like those dang ol robots.

The Iron Man movies are also all really really good.


I legitimately like Iron Man 3 the most. I like what it does with showing Tony’s anxiety and how he’s pushing away people who care for him. I do wish that they went with their original plan for the main villain of the movie and that its ending wasn’t completely ignored by every following movie.

Winter Soldier is a close second tho.


Shouldn’t this be “what’s your favorite MCU movie” if it’s limited to just MCU?

I was all primed to talk about how pleasant a surprise Logan was, but I guess that’s a separate continuity? Keeping comic book threads straight is a big part of why I don’t follow this stuff super closely.


That’s part of the reason I mostly just read independent or self-contained stuff nowadays. Because if we’re being real, there is a very good case for Logan being the best Marvel movie, and maybe Deadpool edging itself in there if you really want to stretch.


Why does the poll not have a Howard the Duck option?


Winter Soldier is probably the best Marvel movie, but if I’m popping in a DVD? Captain America: First Avenger really works that charming 40s aesthetic, and I’m always impressed with how well they characterize the selfless Steve Rogers right off the bat—that scene with the grenade? :kissing::ok_hand:


Deadpool was also better than I was expecting, but Logan had more interesting characters from the get-go, some pretty on-point commentary, and genuinely surprising subversions.

I also wouldn’t have seen it at all if I hadn’t had some plans canceled on me that left me with time to kill before the Megabus showed up.

But yeah, I’ve never really been able to easily immerse myself in comics since I’m not a visual learner at all, but that labrynthine mess of reboots and parallel timelines I hear about doesn’t help either.


Guardians 2 just blew me the fuck away. I actually didn’t love the first one that much, but this one was non-stop everything I want from this sort of movie


Logan is for sure a much more compelling movie, there is really no argument there. But I feel like it relies a lot on nostalgia of the previous canon of X-Men movies, at least to get your foot in the door. I’d be interested to know what someone who’s only experience with the X-Men is Logan might have to say about it.

Deadpool, ironically feels much more standalone. There is enough going on the you can probably find something to latch on to, and despite references and jokes about the X-Men movie franchise, your understanding isn’t really diminished much by missing them. And it’s amazing how true to the source material the movie is. Almost miraculously so.

The way I see it, Logan is the better comic book movie of the two, but Deadpool is the better comic book adaptation of the two.


The same reason Black Panther, Captain Marvel, and Ultimate Spider-Man* aren’t; these movies technically have to come out first.

*Don’t lie, you know you want a movie about Miles Morales.


I mean, y’all are more than welcome to talk about the Fox Marvel movies too. I just limited the poll to the MCU entries because 15 movies is a lot of movies already.


It’s such a close choice between Winter Soldier and Guardians for mine, but I give the edge to the former in how effortlessly balances being a superhero film about Captain America and a political thriller, and it also has Robert Redford playing the villain so there’s that.


Guardians of the Galaxy, followed closely by Iron Man Three. Not only are they the two most enjoyable for me, but they’re the most relatable as well. Tony’s breakdowns from his anxiety and Star-Lord’s difficulty getting over his mom’s death resonate with me more than anything else from these movies.