Hey... whats your streetname fellow runners?


This was the best I could come up with

I very much want to know if anybody else does joke names in RPGs, and if so, whats your fav or go-to


I named my character in Returns “Jacked Black” and look to do the same for Dragonfall. Not the funniest joke, but it does inspired me to play it as if I was the School of Rock teacher and that’s fun.


Posted this in the 101 thread but… Crime Boy. Mostly chose it because I’m a criminologist. But also? It’s really funny to read in dialogue.


my dwarven mage goes by Croquette, because she is meaty and bite-sized


I started a file with a human shaman using a bear totem named Roane Ursus because I’m not creative, but I sure am gay.


my persona 5 protagonist is Stacks Bigmoney. he dates everyone and picks only the rudest and most badass dialogue options and still gets three music notes every time. everyone loves him.


My fallout New Vegas character, Dick Strong. He always wore sunglasses and a duster and hustled all the casinos and made a boatload of caps. His buddy cass needed some help so he shot up some arms dealers

He met and subsequently settled down with arcade ganon and they lived happily ever after, I like to think he helped at the NCR farms in his spare time



In my table top Shadowrun game my current soon to be retired character is named Findley Oaks and goes by Reynard and his primary gimmick is turning into a fox as that works way more often than you would would think as there’s nothing in the rule book that says a fox can’t cast spells. There are bespoke rules for how to shoot a gun out of a car that is moving over 60 MPH but not more than 80 MPH but nothing about foxes casting spells. He also has an ally spirit named Scooter that is a coyote named for the real Scooter the Coyote:


I name every main character in every video game “Blue”. But if there needs to be a last name I’ll call them “Blue Highwind”.


I often just go through a glossary of tech terms till I find one I either just like the way it is or an acronym I can modify.

For example Air Gap was a hacker that earned his nickname because he was also not the most careful of hackers and people said he was air gapped between the ears.

PGP stood for Punk Girl Power and was the name of the all female nomad tribe that a player character was from that could be called in to assist if the group was just rolling real bad that session and the situation permitted it.


you tellin me you looked a dm in the eyes and used the air bud defense


Yes and not only did it work but he also let me take less damage from a gas grenade because the Wikipedia page for the type of gas it was said it effected animals less than people


I forgot that I did a character portrait for C Y B E R F O X


I agonized about a name for a while, because I always do. I ended up going with Cranky, which I love because one he is sort of a cranky team dad type, he’s a rigger and Cranky plays into his mechanical aptitude as a guy who is going around with a wrench fixing drones and hotwiring turrets. and lastly it is a good dwarf name in the Disney’s Snow White tradition which in the context of a cyberpunk street name is just the right level of corny.


Wife City because this cyborg swordswoman is wife city to me.


Is that a game about jogging around in your gated community while your wife gets it from the pool boy? Now THAT is a game I would play, and my name in that game would be Dave Smith because that sounds like a dude who drives a BMW and has a wife who will do the dishes and clean and cook dinner before he gets home.


Even back when I was playing PnP Shadowrun, I was partial to Ghost for my Decker, at least the Matrix Persona, so it’s my go to for the Harebrained Schemes Shadowrun games as well.


Just started last night. My decker/rigger considered going with something techy but ended up with the flowery “Orchidae” because she’s also sort of a “Face” and needs a name that will open doors.


Hoi chummers. I’m Shibboleth. Or I was until a friend stole it from me and used it on a bunch of MMO’s.