Hey... whats your streetname fellow runners?


I’m usually Navster in most games I play, although since it’s a mashup of my name and the defunct music sharing service Napster, I’d say it’s pretty fuckin’ cyperpunk.


I don’t remember my original run’s name - something totally cornball.

I did the same thing this time and went M3T4M0RP4 (it looks cooler in game I swear). It went well with my cyber-everything elf decker, and doing it in everyone’s voice was fun, since the game doesn’t default to all caps often.


I’ve been using Swordfish (or The|Swordfish|Conspiracy) for years in every game because I always thought it sounded cool, but the hacking movie ruined it for me in any kind of hacking game.

I’m playing an elf Decker, and her name is Keys. Short and sweet.


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