Hey, Xbox Nerds, This Is Your Reminder to Play 'Nier: Automata'

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I would like to, but I didn’t play Nier. I’m worried I’ll just be confused.

As a person who was in the same boat, I can say that you will almost never be confused cause you didn’t play the first Nier.

Is there a primer anywhere I can read, or does it really not matter?

heard it dont matter none

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I can’t link it now as I’m at work, but if I remember correctly I think Super Bunny Hop’s youtube channel has a run down of OG Nier.

Also SuperBunnyHop is great.

I saw that actually, it kinda only helped a little tbh.

But if it doesn’t matter, I’ll probably just dive in

The game offers enough of a primer I’d say (I haven’t played the original but what lore is relevant to Automata is kind of leaked out bit by bit through lore and such).

I recently started a thread about playing NieR without knowing anything. I just got the xbox version and havent started yet but anyone wary about jumping in take a look over at this thread, also spoiler free.

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It doesn’t matter – I loved NieR: Automata and never touched the first NieR game.

There is absolutely some referential material, but it is supplemental to the main plot and, for my tastes, pretty clearly A Reference. There’s often material to let you dig into and explore that reference in the game, although I’m sure there’s missing context I don’t have because I didn’t play the first NieR.


Please please please don’t let that thought hold you back. I didn’t play Nier. I loved Automata. I don’t feel at all compelled to go back and check out the original Nier. I got a whole and complete story.