Highlight / Blooper Thread (Mobile/Data Plan Beware)


In my humble opinion no sports forum is complete without a vibrant highlight / blooper thread. Post your favorite highlights and bloopers right in here.

Since I was talking about Xabi Alonso in the soccer thread I’ll start here.


And my favorite bloopers of all time:

(the “We Believe” Warriors casually doing the Soulja Boy dance during a timeout)


My contribution: https://youtu.be/pBD0093jEvI


I can’t figure out how to embed a video here, but my favorite blooper is Carlos Boozer punching Danny Crawford in the balls


Oh my gosh I’ve never seen that. Wow.

Also, re-embedding: Embedding Videos: How Do?

I think the key is that you paste the link on its own line.


Yep, just edited my post and it seems to be in working order.




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