Hit me with those movie hot takes!

Yeah, the Discourse Train’s rolled into the next stop, Waypointers! I wanna see your takes on the art of cinema, all degrees of spice welcome.

I’ll start:

A.I. is an excellent film. It’s probably Steven Spielberg’s masterpiece, even if it’s more of a co-creation with the then deceased Stanley Kubrick.

More specifically though, the ending is perfect. The final moments of David with his mother are beautiful and incredibly poignant. That this movie attempts so gallantly to actually answer the philosophical question at its heart, if a machine is programmed to imitate love, is it still valid, and if so, what does that mean for the human idea of affection, instead of just raising the question before throwing its hands up, is my favorite thing about it.

I honestly think it communicates a lot about audience expectations of sci-fi that people were uncomfortable with it at the time, and that it was generally accepted the film should have ended with David wishing at the Blue Fairy statue, which would absolutely have been the movie throwing its hands up in the air.

It’s also super interesting that internet sleuths think they understand Stanley Kubrick and his intent better than his actual close friend, but that’s a whole other discussion.

And one other thing, let’s all do our best to avoid the basic “if you like this, you’re dumb/a bad person”. Please. Let’s try to keep this relatively friendly.


Man of Steel owns and people complained about it supposedly being too grimdark or whatever but at the end of the day folks really hated it because on the inside they couldn’t deal with a comic book movie in 2013 that was genuinely on the nose anti-imperialism and anti-fascist to the end.

Aquaman’s story was a better version of Black Panther. BP is a lot of fun but it’s still a Marvel movie (look at anything else Coogler has directed and look at how much more bite it has) that ends with a trillionaire god prince patting himself on the back because he built a single school and made comfortable baby steps towards some vague “progress.”


Filth is a better Irvine Welsh adaptation and film than Trainspotting.

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Man of Steel also has one of Hans Zimmers best scores imo


Edgar Wright movies aren’t that funny once you’ve seen them once. I also think Baby Driver might be one of, if not his best, but i think I’m in a very small minority there and I do need to see The World’s End again before I really crystallize that take.

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See, I may be in the minority for thinking Baby Driver was really dull and that it completely failed to capitalise on being a music-driven action movie.

I’d take even Edgar Wright-adjacent work like Attack the Block over Baby Driver


Blade Runner 2049 is a better movie than Blade Runner. While 2049 isn’t necessarily asking as interesting questions as original Blade Runner was relative to the time they were respectively released, Blade Runner is boring. Just because a film, or any piece of media really, was the first to do something doesn’t mean it’s the best or good or even relevant.
This might be a hot take maybe it won’t. The original Ghost in the Shell film is only necessary now to set up Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocence. Innocence probably isn’t that big a deal now either though I just happen to like it.


I like the Departed…

Yes, everyone is a fucking scumbag, and they all die horrible deaths because of it.

And no, I’ve seen Infernal Affairs. It is NOT better.



This one got me clutching my chest, being a Welsh fan.

I still haven’t seen T2… Is it a lot like Porno?

Indiana Jones and The Crystal Skull was my first Indiana Jones movie and the one I preferred.

I watched the actual first one but Indiana Jones was such an asshole that was being presented as admirable it turned me off the film entirely from the jump and I never got any further.

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Pacific Rim 2 is great, it’s like one of those Anime movies that’s an abridged version of the series, only the series doesn’t actually exist. Everyone’s great in it, I love all the designs, especially the Kaiju-Droke-Jeager things, which were cool as hell and deserved more screentime. The only bad bit is the weird out of place meme joke which undercuts a cool moment and I don’t understand it.


I don’t care what anyone says, this scene from Man of Steel is amazing:

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I don’t know if I have any truly hot takes because I don’t talk a lot about movies with people but this is what I think are my hottest takes.

Revenge of the Sith is the most enjoyable star wars movie followed by last jedi. If the original trilogy is better than the prequels (and I’m not like. . .100% sold on that?) it’s only by a little bit and only because attack of the clones is a bit of a stinker.
Man of Steel is great. It’s the best live action superman movie and it’s not close. It’s better than all the marvel movies save Black Panther and Ragnarok.
I think endgame is actually a bad movie.
I don’t think tarantino movies are good.
Paul W.S. Anderson is the superior filmmaker to the other Anderson who makes those quirky white people movies.
People who say die hard is their favorite Christmas movie are trying too hard.
I genuinely, and without irony, love the fast and furious movies. I think 4-6 are pretty special movies. They’re essentially brown people super hero films in a time where studios are terrified to make those.

I’m sure I have more, but I don’t know exactly what qualifies as hot takes.


I’m becoming more and more convinced that full length movies are an outmoded media, at least in my life. The runtimes are too long for the blocks of free time I have, and in fiction I’d much rather sit with characters and worlds over longer periods of time broken up into short sittings. Video games, books, and TV shows all fill that need better. Really the only movies I watch nowadays are MCU flicks, and that’s pretty much because it’s an ongoing big budget TV show.


Chernobyl has got me wanting more 6 hour mini-series.

Since everyone’s talking about Superhero films…

The original Superman has never been topped. There’s never been a more perfect translation of book to screen and I just do not understand when people say the bizarre randian shit in Man of Steel is somehow more engaging than a Kansas farm boy doing the right thing because it’s simply the right thing to do

@Blacksentai tbh, I’m not sure I’d describe There Will Be Blood as a “quirky white people movie”

EDIT: nvm, you meant Wes Anderson. Ignore me.


These are correct takes. GitS2 is a way better film than GitS. 2049 is way better than BR.

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no worries.
I’ve only seen one Paul Thomas Anderson movie so I can’t say whether or not Three Musketeers is superior to the rest of his work. Magnolia was sad though so I probably won’t watch it again to verify that it is definitely not as good as Mortal Kombat.

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Oh, speaking of There Will Be Blood…

Daniel Day-Lewis gave the second best performance of 2007.

Javier Bardem all day, every day, babey

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The movies you like are bad and the movies you hate are good.

On a serious note, and I can’t believe this could be considered a hot take now…

Uwe Boll is not just a bad director, but a fundamentally horrible human being who fills his comedic works with racist, homophobic, and sexist jokes, and the only reason people are turning their opinion around on him is because he’s using a late 90s marketing strategy to paint himself as an edgy joke when he’s really a disgusting human being who’s using the old irony excuse to be as openly vile to minorities as he wants. He is just copying from the 4chan handbook and a shocking number of people can’t see the obvious ploy.