Hit me with your favourite facts


The 3 star rating system is actually codified in terms that are meant to encourage people to drive more. 3 stars means you should make an express trip to go eat there, 2 is if you happen to be somewhat nearby, and 1 is worthwhile if you already happen to be in that city.


Besides being a famous actress, Hedy Lamarr was also an inventor who worked with Howard Hughes (as well as dated him). She also was a pioneer in frequency-hopping spread spectrum technology, which is widely used in radio and Bluetooth technology.


The guy who performed vocals for the version of Disney’s Adventures of the Gummi Bears theme we’re most familiar with was Joseph Williams, who fronts Toto (though wasn’t with the band for “Africa”).

He is also the son of John Williams. Yes, that John Williams.


In the mathematical field of topology, there’s such a thing as a set that can be called both open and closed.

Fittingly, the official name for these sets is clopen.

Some other fun mathematical facts:

  • It’s impossible to trisect an angle with a straightedge and compass, but you can do it just fine with oragami
  • There are functions which are continuous everywhere and differentiable nowhere
  • It’s impossible to provide electricity, water, and heating to three houses (provided each utility only has one source, and provided the houses and utilities lie on a flat plane)
  • By playing a pretty simple game, you can discover a number so unfathomably big that it simply gets the designation TREE(3) (see below)


Groups of crows and can be referred to as a murder but also less commonly as a storytelling. Ravens may also be grouped in a storytelling but also have their own ominous signifier in an “unkindness of ravens”.

The amount of whiskey lost while in the barrel due to evaporation is called the angel’s share. You can always tell a Protestant from a Catholic as the former will hear this fact and wonder aloud why it’s not called the Devil’s share.


Not really my “favourite”, but it’s a nice reminder how fucked up some stuff is:

The “caucasian” race is called that way, because the dude who invented races found a very nice looking skull, that once belonged to a women from said region. He was so convinced that a skull with such nice proportions could only be from a white person that he used it as his type-exemplar (basically the ideal combination of traits that defines a biological, or here arbitrary, group) for his definition.


Favorite movie trivia: Eraserhead took about 5 years to wrap production. Jack Nance kept THAT haircut for the ENTIRE time.


The old English word for ant is Pismire, a contraction of piss mire (i.e. piss mud) because the formic acid which ants produce in self defence to coat their nests smells of urine


In the 50s because computers were rare you could buy books that were literally filled with nothing but random numbers.


Cleopatra lived closer to the Moon landing than she did to the construction of the Great Pyramids.

You can watch, on Youtube, a video from the '50s with a guy who was there when Lincoln was shot.


Tomatoes and Potatoes originated in South America.


Ever wondered why you hear about blue and red stars, but never green ones? The weird answer is that sun basically is green—in the sense that it emits more light in the frequencies we call ‘green’ than in any other frequency—but our eyes are adapted to treat the mixture of light we get from the sun as normal, and therefore reads as white, despite green being the strongest component.

(from https://atmos.washington.edu/~hakim/101/radiation/)


No one knows where Genghis Khan is buried.


The first known reference to the Irish sport of Hurling was from the 5th century. Despite that it wasn’t until 2010 that all players were required to wear helmets and face masks while playing.

Edit: The first person to perform a 1080 (3 full rotations) on a skateboard was a 12 year old named Tom Schaar.


Seem to be light on the music facts so here is one of my favorites

Neil Young’s album On the Beach is thought of as more of a former Grand Ole Opry performer, Rusty Kershaw, than a Young album because of an incredibly potent honey and cheap weed edible Kershaw’s wife made called honey slides. It reportedly kicked you on your ass more than heroin.


Related fact:

Ravens are known to love fresh snow and will roll down hill in it for fun. Which many believe to serve no purpose to the raven other pure enjoyment.

So remember! If you want a raven to have fun don’t bother tightening the graphics on level three, just get them some snow!

CW for a dead buffalo being eaten on this video:


Pure water actually freezes at ~230 Kelvin, which is about -43 degrees celsius or -46 Fahrenheit. This has been shown in molecular simulations and is because in pure H2O there are no other substances that can act as basepoints (nuclei is the technical term) where the freezing can start.


So in order for something to be perceived as green, it has to be extremely green?


The first person in the U.S. to successfully plead not guilty by reason of temporary insanity was a congressman named Daniel Sickles. He shot and killed Philip Barton Key II, son of Francis Scott Key, for having an affair with his wife. He shot him across the street from the White House in Lafayette Square in 1859.

Personal note: Daniel Sickles sucked.


Trying to think of things that work as trivia questions for a pub style quiz.

What company is the largest manufacturer of tires in the world?


Who first created the image of the modern Santa Clause with the red coat and hat with white fur lining and large black belt?

Thomas Nast. Despite popular myth, Coca-Cola didn’t invent the image of Santa, as Thomas Nast first painted him in 1881, five years before Coca-Cola was invented and 50 years before they would start using him in ads.

How did NORAD begin the tradition of tracking Santa Claus every year?

A local newspaper ad made a typo and listed the air defense command’s phone number for children to call Santa and the tradition stuck.

What is the most profitable Christmas movie?

Home Alone

What is the top selling Christmas record of all time?

Elvis’ Christmas Album

Which of the following cartoons did not do a retelling of A Christmas Carol? The Flinstones, Mr. Magoo, Hey Arnold, or Beavis and Butthead?

Hey Arnold

The song “You’re a Mean One Mr. Grinch” was not sung by Boris Karloff, but by Thurl Ravenscroft who is also famous for voicing which cartoon mascot?

Tony the Tiger