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The world’s largest scale model of the solar system can be found in Sweden.


Photons from the sun that reach the earth aren’t 7 minutes old, but (est) 10,000 - 170,000 years old, as that’s how long they take to escape the sun’s core where they’re created.

A star takes less than a quarter second to collapse into a supernova, during which it will produce as much energy as our sun over its entire lifespan. The collapse and resulting shockwave, lasting a couple hours, is the only process in nature capable of producing any elements heavier than iron.

Some of those supernovae will leave behind a neutron star, a mass of subatomic material 1.5 times as massive as the sun that could fit within Las Vegas. It is so dense that a tablespoon-sized amount would weigh as much as Mt. Everest (by comparison, a tablespoon of sun weighs about 5 pounds).


what the fuck …


Wasn’t Atlantis a misunderstanding of Res Publica by Plato?


Plato probably used Atlantis as a fictional nation in allegory, but we don’t know that for sure, either - there were a decent number of philosophers who we believe treated the Atlantis story as historical fact, and as the years went on there became even more of them.


Whilst Crantor and Phio were contemporary believer in the historical fact narrative. It’s a agreed it is fictional. There’s however parallels potentially between war/Sea Peoples/eruptions. Considering that the Minoans civilisation in the geographical which went through an eruption burying Akrotiri is probably the most likely source of the legend.


Giraffe horns are called ossicones.


Some other weird facts that I like, which aren’t really good trivia but I still find fascinating.

There are 80,658,175,170,943,878,571,660,636,856,403,766,975,289,505,440,883,277,824,000,000,000,000 (8 followed by 67 zeros) unique layouts to a standard deck of cards. Every time you shuffle a deck of cards, it is statistically almost certain that you are holding an arrangement that has never existed before, and will never exist again.

While the royal flush is the rarest and best hand in poker, in truth every single exact five card combination has the exact same likelihood of occurring. Your handful of trash that doesn’t have a single pair is just as rare and unique as a royal flush.

The same holds true of a Rubik’s Cube to a lesser extent. There are 43,252,003,274,489,856,000 different possible combinations of a standard Rubik’s Cube. That’s about 375 million unique combinations for each person that has ever lived in the history of the planet. Just like a deck of cards, every time you mix up a Rubik’s Cube, it is almost certain that your configuration has never existed before, or will ever exist again. Despite having that many possible combinations, there isn’t a single configuration of a Rubik’s Cube that needs more than 20 moves to be solved.

The surface of the sun is colder than the interior of the sun and it’s also colder than the corona, which is the thin layer of gas just above the surface by several million degrees Kelvin. There are theories as to why this is true, but no one really knows for sure.

On Titan, the gravity is so low, yet the atmosphere is so thick, a human being could fly by strapping wings to their arms and flapping if they didn’t freeze to death.

Mummy brown was a popular paint pigment in the 1800’s, which got its unique color from ground up Egyptian mummies, sometimes feline but sometimes human. It stopped being widely used when people discovered how the sausage was made. Oddly enough, there was a decent amount of trade of the corpses of mummies from Egypt to Europe for a whole host of reasons, including using the ground up corpses as medicine.


Speaking of pigments use of natural vermillion has declined as it is highly toxic. Whilst natural indian yellow is illegal to make due to the cruelty to animals required.


Bryan Adams has the same birthday as Ryan Adams.


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In particular I like this one

  • 1975: After watching the “Kung Fu Kapers” episode of The Goodies , a man named Alex Mitchell laughed continuously for 25 minutes and then fell dead on his sofa from heart failure.


Styrofoam isn’t a kind of object, but is actually a trademarked brand (made by Dow Chemical Company) that underwent genericization?

Other ‘objects’ that are/were actually trademarked brands include dumpsters (made by Dempster Brothers), popsicles (made by Unilever), and interestingly enough, heroin (made by Bayer).


The word “metaphysics” originates from the book(s) by Aristotle with the same name. BUT! The book(s) was not originally called the metaphysics. It gained this name in the first century B.C. when some dude published the entire work and placed it in the bookshelf after works in physics. It therefor gained the name “the books placed after physical treatises” or “the metaphysics”.


While polish and czech are related close enough that we are able to hold simple conversations in our own languages no problem (I can read short simple czech stories with no problem even though I never studied czech in my life) there are several cases where words that are said/writen the same way mean completly different thing like for example:

czerstwy (:poland:) stale - čerstvý (:czech_republic:) fresh

sklep (:poland:) shop - sklep (:czech_republic:) basement

Or the king of the kings of false friends in czech for poles:

szukać (:poland:) to search for - šukat (:czech_republic:) to fuck


Your link (and some of what comes up with a cursory googling) seems to suggest that it might have originally come to be called “after physics” in terms of acquisition rather than physical placement of the book. I’m a little sad that they’re asking 30 dollars for the thing, as I had no idea of any controversy about the origin of this word. Very interesting.


Jerry West remains the only player to win the NBA’s Finals MVP award who played on the losing team.


My philosophy professor told the story like it actually had to do with physical placement but yeah that might just have been for comedic effect.


Fun bonus fact - there are more ways to arrange a deck of cards than there are kilograms of matter in the entire visible universe.


Here’s a hot fresh one.

Japan’s new cyber security minister has never used a computer before.


Topeka, Kansas, the capital city of my home state, has three times within my lifetime temporarily changed its name for promotional purposes - In 1998 to “ToPikachu”, in 2010 to “Google”, and this year again to “ToPikachu”