Hitman 2: Hit a Man (With a Fish) (Hitman 2 Mega Thread)

Hitman 2 came out a few weeks ago, essentially iterating and refining on the original 2016 reboot. With it came UI changes, a stronger focus on missions and general graphic and performance upgrades.

That said, though blowing through the new maps does not take that long, IO is finally rolling out escalations and elusive targets. This is only the start, and if 2 is like its predecessor, it will be in the minds of many for a while.

This is the thread to talk about Hitman 2, post your favorite screenshots, highlight contracts and whatever else you may want. There has been an in-depth thread already about how the game differs from previous game and this thread is more for general discussion.

Or you can just talk about the Barbecue King.


I’m slowly making my way through the game & intend on going back to do the escalations and other objectives but I think my favorite detail that I am not sure was in the previous game was some objects having physics because that means my second favorite kinds of glitches can happen.

Maybe it’s because I have more understanding to the mechanics of the game than I did the last one but I find myself in way more instances where the target basically walks straight up to me and I’m able to get a quick kill & escape.

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Still haven’t played past Colombia. Miami is A+, Santa Fortuna hasn’t grabbed me much so far. It reminds me a little of Sapienza in its structure; you start in a village (by the water), there is a mansion connected to the village, there are underground tunnels and drug labs. Superficially similar maybe, but still.

But loving the game so far, it’s brilliant.

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The first 3 levels feel very large. Mumbai is probably my favorite right now, there are bunch of things there I haven’t found yet which is great

I really like that in the final level (the billionaire cult party) there is a challenge for dumping 47 people into the sea.

Other than that it hasn’t been grabbing me. Columbia is too much like the Chile level of Blood Money. It’s even the same family. The suburb level is too much like the suburb level of Blood Money. Even Miami reminds me of the Mardis Gras level of Blood Money.

I don’t like the new levels as much as the old levels. I don’t like that the really creative challenges are gone, like the Vampire Magician ones in Paris, the Scarecrow ones in Colorado, etc. I don’t like that the Christmas version of Paris is gone. I don’t like the new style for the cutscenes.

I’ll probably keep playing it for months, but I’m probably going to play Paris, Sapienza and Hokkaido more than anything else.

Kind of waiting for the holidays to pick this up, hoping for a discount. HITMAN from 2016 is genuinely one of my favorite games I’ve played.


Anyone else finding mastery progress much faster? It could be I just know how to play the game a lot better but feel like have so many things to do in Miami even after max mastery.

Not sure I will go back back to legacy levels as not sure my launch PS4 can install them all, maybe one at a time.

Will be my GOTY I think along w Dead Cells and Hollow Knight, feel like those all have some connective tissue allowing the player to make their own short term goals which are rewarding and lead towards greater end goals.

I replayed some of the legacy maps and was able to hit Mastery 20 in Sapienza surprisingly quickly, although that was with a lot of save-scumming, which I didn’t do much the first time through.

They’ve said they tweaked the mastery system, but idk if that means speeding things up or just unlocking more useful stuff at lower levels.

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This is a game I could really see myself getting into, but I saw a concerning post on here about the use of the r-word as a slur in this game. Has anyone ran into this? It’s a deal breaker for me. I hear that shit at work all the time, and the last thing I want to do in my free time is consume media that forces me to hear it.

Your personal mileage may vary as it’s a random piece of dialog that’s triggered by being caught trespassing by a guard. Supposedly it was in the original game as well and it was recycled here. I’ve got almost 60 hours in the first and over a dozen in the new one and I haven’t heard it once. Maybe for someone else they got it in the first ten minutes, who knows.

Where you stand in regards to it being there/maybe never hearing ever is up to. It’s not like they’re throwing it around every five seconds, but you could also get a really bad roll on the RNG.

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I’ve only played Miami and Santa Fortuna so far, and I like them both. Miami reminds me of Hokkaido, which was one of my favorite maps from Hitman 2016; it’s not necessarily the biggest map in terms of sheer size, but it’s very dense and the separate parts of it flow into one another organically. I love it. On the surface Santa Fortuna seems like it has a lot in common with Sapienza, but I don’t think it’s anywhere near the level of that map. Each area feels very self-contained, with the jungle and underground tunnels just serving as a means of connecting them, the way the embassy, the school, and the market in Marrakesh were all siloed off from one another with only the emergency tunnel running between.

I started Mumbai last night and played for about twenty minutes, all of which was spent exploring an apartment building. It seems extremely promising so far. The color palette alone, with all those vivid blues and purples, is enough to make me swoon. I’m really looking forward to exploring it more thoroughly either today or tomorrow.

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Finally got my level 20 mastery in Miami last night, but went to bed before moving on to the next map. They’re still nailing it when it comes to the incredibly dry humor of the entire thing so far. Reprogramming Robert’s robot and his reaction to it was just perfect. I don’t know how they managed to thread the needle so well when it comes to having AI that is fundamentally broken, but endearing in a way that makes it more fun as opposed to frustrating. The “logic” the game uses is beyond stupid, but it’s so charming if that’s the word.

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I just got silent assassin on the final level of the new escalation mission! The way it made use of the level’s foliage was really fun, and the final complication makes me think they must have designed some of these missions when designing the original maps? I can not wait to see what they do with Whittleton Creek. There are so many elements of that map that aren’t really touched on by any of the mission stories, or are only used when gathering clues.


Finished the Suburbia level 2 nights ago & I think it may be my favorite level. I was curious if anyone knew if you leave a unconscious person in the grass for too long do they get up on their own eventually? I knocked out several people & hid them in bushes but they seemed to get found eventually although I was under the assumption they were hidden pretty good. Also, if my memory serves me correct you could get bonus points if you exited the mission with your original suit but I don’t see it as a thing in this game? Am I just missing something or is my memory incorrect?

Unless they have changed this from the 2016 game (and I’m almost positive that they haven’t), unconscious/sleeping people will never wake up on their own, just like dead people. But unlike dead people, a knocked out person can and will be woken if somebody else finds them. And if that person saw you before you knocked them out, they’ll rat you out.

This is why closets, dumpsters, and other “2 human body sized” containers are so important. Bodies placed in them are never found, so a knocked out person in a dumpster is effectively “dead” (but without the “non-target killed” penalty).

Edit: People hidden in the grass are somewhere in between being hidden and not being hidden. I don’t know the specific mechanics of what people can/can’t see in foliage, but I believe they will notice a body if they bump into it if their path takes them through the dense cover.

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HITMAN 2 is good! I’ve been playing for the past week or so, and I have really enjoyed each of the levels. The standouts for me so far are Santa Fortuna and Sgail.

The mission stories and challenges are great too! Last night I did a particular thread in Mumbai that was just excellent. It was the series of challenges involving the Kashmirian. Spoilers: This series of events was the first time I’ve played Hitman and felt like Agent 47 had actually gotten away with his murders. Usually that’s harder to believe because 47 is the last person his victims are seen with. It was delightful to just be a ghost greasing the gears so that each of the targets could be killed by someone else. I wasn’t even in the vicinity when Vanya Shah was killed, and I think the same might be possible with Rangan. I’m excited to try again to see if I can make it go even smoother, maybe even without changing disguises.

Anyway, I hope there’s more sequences like that to discover in the other levels.


Sgail might be my favorite hitman level ever. As someone who is usually a stickler about getting silent assassin it’s really good at making it feel okay if things go a bit pear shaped and suddenly you have a bunch of non target kill penalties.


I encountered it twice, I think it’s just one of many lines the guards will spout, which shows just how far we still have to go.

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I finished Mumbai for the first time last night and it’s definitely my favorite level so far. Everything involving the Kashmirian is so good! I guess I could see an argument that he makes the level too easy, but he’s so interesting and opens up so many new opportunities he more than makes up for it. I liked the mechanic of having to identify the third target by scouting the streets, too. It’s just really fun to see IO experiment with the Hitman formula now that it’s so well-established. On top of all that, I just love Mumbai as a level and the all the distinct parts of it blur together. I love when I finish a mission for the first time and it feels like I’ve barely scratched the surface.