Hitman 2: Hit a Man (With a Fish) (Hitman 2 Mega Thread)


IOI just announced their content plans for the winter holidays and it made me realize that the santa mission from hitman 1 didn’t get brought over to hitman 2 if you have the legacy content? I hope we get to meet santa again.


They posted a post-release trailer that showed Paris in Christmas which seemed to hint that? So we’ll see.


Am I the only one who saw the effigy in Sgàil & thought it looked really close to the Game Awards statuette?




Apologies for not seeing this post for a while, but you can find more information about it in this topic from @wheels1993 (which has a video of how it is used if you do want to see the context, although content note obviously applies). I think @trty0 is right and that it is a Hitman (2016) item of random guard dialogue. I haven’t heard anything about it being removed as of yet, so just letting you know if it’s a hard out for you.


I think it may also be restricted to Miami? I don’t know for sure, but I think they may have reused some voice lines for that level because its supposed to be generically American, which the majority of guards in Hitman 2016 just are, for some reason.


I definitely got to that part of the level and thought “oh hey, they won a Keighley!”


Although I really enjoyed this game it felt sparse (for understandable reasons) compared to the previous game. So I’m curious what are different levels you would like to see?

Personally I think a level taking place at a wrestling event would be fun. Targets could be the booker & one of the wrestles. Maybe you can dress as a Luchador & get in the ring with the target.


Thanks for the information! I think it’s disappointing that it’s included, and I’ll probably save my money for some other 2018 games that I didn’t get the chance to play this year. That being said, this game is a blast to watch on streams, and that’s where I think I’ll enjoy it the most.


So I finally got around to giving the sniper rifles a try and it seems… broken. And not in a good way. For as much as they’ve done to emphasize sniping as a viable option in 2 (namely reintroducing the suitcase and designing larger levels with more vantage points), that all falls apart when guards magically know exactly where you are and what you’re wearing the second they see a target get shot. I could understand them having a general idea what direction the shot came from, but they know precisely where you are and they also somehow know that you’re dressed as a chef.


Sniper rifles might still be broken from the last update. There’s something about them that counts as being spotted even if they’re suppressed and you aren’t in any sight lines.


The game is definitely a little broken in its current state. I had to roll back to an older graphics driver to fix an issue with textures, it frequently crashes to desktop, and the triggers for certain events are bugged (this is most obvious in Miami, but I’ve heard it happens in other levels too).

I did Whittleton Creek this weekend, and I’ll echo the sentiment that some parts of this game feel small compared to Hitman 2016. I don’t necessarily have a problem with small levels (Hawke’s Bay is probably the best tutorial mission a Hitman game has ever had) but it does suffer when it doesn’t give you enough to do in those spaces. My favorite levels continue to be ones that are based on original ideas (Miami, Mumbai), rather than the ones that are inspired by old levels that players love (Santa Fortuna, Whittleton Creek).

In practice it doesn’t seem like any of this is affecting my enjoyment of the game, since I already have over half as many hours in this game as the original, and I was playing that for ages after the last mission was released. A lot of that is probably down it giving me an excuse to replay the original levels again. I’m really curious to see what the extra locations/missions are going to be. I’d love another level with the scope of Paris or Sapienza, or the depth of Hokkaido.


new elusive target came out

brought in a remote mine, set it down, turned out i brought a proximity mine by mistake, blew myself up, failed the mission.

this is the second time this has happened :sneezing_face::sneezing_face:


Kill this American backed fascist!



Well bad news, I failed at killing the fascist.

Also, good lord that last level.


It’s a shame the Vampire Magician challenges (and other cool challenges like the motorcyclist and Sapienza’s sniper challenges) weren’t brought into the new game because I would have finished 3 of the challenges on this run of the Xmas level.


The wet bandit assassination in paris is back for people who bought the first game, get your challenges done so you can kill billionaires as santa.


I think I heard that everyone who has Hitman 2 regardless of the Legacy Pack can access it? Which is neat.


It seems like older escalation missions are slowly being introduced, so hopefully this stuff comes over eventually. I can understand not wanting to overwhelm new players.


Finally played the final level. I’m gonna need some noclip if I’m ever to learn that place. That one of the objectives seems to be optional is very positive to me, since doing that every time might get old fast. Collecting clues is the weak part of Whittelton Creek, same every time, and destroying the virus in Sapienza, same every time. Finding the dude in Mumbai isn’t that exciting either.