Hitman 2: Hit a Man (With a Fish) (Hitman 2 Mega Thread)


I just started the other day and I’ve only done Miami so far, but it’s a little disappointing to hear there’s another objective like the virus in Sapienza. That’s probably my favorite Hitman map ever but I didn’t fully replay World of Tomorrow nearly as much as I would’ve if I hadn’t been bored to death by the virus every time.

That said, I really enjoy a lot of the little tweaks made so far. I’m trying to work my way through the game a little more slowly so I’m trying to really devour Miami the way I did with Paris, Sapienza and Hokkaido in Hitman 2016. Right now I’m frustrated by the “timer” aspect of having to complete certain opportunities before the race ends, but that’s just because I haven’t mastered the layout and my mental map yet.


I’ve gotten to the point in Whittleton Creek that I can silent assassin suit only the level in 6 minutes, including getting 3 clues. I don’t think I can destroy the virus in Sapienza in 6 minutes, so I don’t see the clues as a chore in the same way as the virus.


I managed to kill the fascist, but it got messy. I kept having to restart because I convinced myself poison was the best option, and the only way I could think to do it was by picking off his bodyguards in really brazen ways while peoples’ backs were turned. I actually pulled it off, but got caught by a guard right after I pushed him over a ledge, but the death must have registered as an accident because I still got silent assassin. It was fun, but the difficulty definitely felt inflated by the crazy amount of security around the target.

Then I maxed out my mastery level in Mumbai by diverting the train. I’ve just gotta say, if you haven’t done that already you should. I usually hate non-target kills but it was worth it for the spectacle.

Finally, I did the Christmas mission over the holidays, which was surprisingly fun. I like that it didn’t even bother trying to match the tone of the rest of the game, and just went with a Home Alone riff with a magic teleporting Santa instead. Once I realized what the challenges entailed, I just looked up a walkthrough because I didn’t feel like spending the time following the targets around to figure out exactly what I needed to steal, and I managed to complete them all in two runs. The first actually went perfectly right up until the end, when I accidentally ran into a restricted zone after killing the targets, and ended up getting gunned down literally right in front of the exit while wearing the Santa outfit. Good times.


By “the fascist” are you talking about the elusive target? I got off so easy just shooting the propane tank on the balcony he hangs out on.

The holiday mission is so dope, even if I did also just look at a walkthrough. Knowing I can be Santa wherever, and whenever I want… that’s a beautiful thing.


Yeah, that’s the guy. He had some fun lines, even if they weren’t especially subtle. I feel like IO is very hit and miss with political humor, so it’s nice to see them land on the right side of that line.


I just coined the guard away from his wine and then poisoned him for SA. Only works if he spawned in the spot near the docks since that’s the one where he leaves for a smoke break with 2 of the 3 guards.


I poisoned him in the house as well, but I had to take out the one guard on the staircase. Easy silent assassin.


A bit late to the discussion, but I did not get many stars on this one. I eventually was able to poison him by turning off the power outside the shack, knocking out the guard as he went to turn off the power, then quickly running in and poisoning the drink while everyone else was distracted, and looking at the body they just discovered outside. Ran out the front door, in the commotion, and made my way to extraction.

Only 2 stars, as I tried that gambit one time before with rat poison, just to see if I could feasibly kill him while he was puking, but there were too many guards. So there were a few bodies found over the course of the run.


New elusive is also very easy. Got around 165 000 but was still only rank 5000 or so, so many other players thought the same thing. Could’ve probably saved some time if I chose a better starting location but I forgot that is a thing.


Two months later I’ve made the same mistake with this game that I did with the first: 19 hours playtime in the first mission, none in the rest.