Hitman 3 - World Travel Simulator

Janine is not kidding. The vibes in this trailer really are immaculate.


I’m still upset that no one has managed to make a decent movie based on these games. I think you would have to act like you’re taking the plot super serious while having Jason Statham do ridiculous disguises and murdering people in over the top elaborate ways. Like the humor comes from 47 being a deadpan emotionless being who is capable of tricking almost everyone into believing who he says he is just by putting on some new clothes before dropping a piano on their head.

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If it’s any consolation Timothy Olyphant doesn’t like that movie either. He only took that job to pay for his new house offer Deadwood got cancelled.


I only remember how violent the first Hitman movie is and that I watched it with my mom.

No review for Hitman 3 yet, huh. I went ahead and pre-ordered anyway because I can’t imagine I won’t want to play this.


I’m not surprised by the lack of reviews. I’m astonished that they haven’t pulled an Astro’s Playroom and designated the first mission the “Cooling Springs” of Hitman III so everybody who has it can stream it and talk about it.

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““Find yourself bald in Bulgaria doing some pile of shit, that will get you up a little earlier in the morning and make you work a little harder,” he said.”

What a guy lmao


That whole interview where he just trashes everything he did between Deadwood and Justified is pure gold.

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I remember Hulu and Fox were gonna do a Hitman tv show back in 2017.

Probably in dev hell.

If IO has proved anything with their Hitman trilogy, a Hitman TV show would be amazing, if preposterously expensive to shoot.

A Hitman TV Show where 47 is very obviously disguised as a random civilian or guard #3 in the background for half of the episode but no one ever recognizes him until the reveal


I am very much on board with a Chicken Boo/Hitman crossover.

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There is an elusive target now, for a few more days. I think it’s the first one. Pretty simple but fun.

Immediately after I finished it I went ahead and got silent assassin suit only on the map, which was surprisingly easy.

Good game!

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The gimmick for this elusive target was good! It fit well with the level and required mastery of the space in a way that was really fun!

Got Silent Assassin Suit Only on Santa Fortuna for the first time. That’s a very cool level. The mansion is pretty hard to sneak around in, and the most tricky target to get without disguises. I feel like I haven’t played that map enough.

I really appreciate what they’ve done here in 3, with the rewards. For five SASU you get poison pills, which for many targets is one of the most powerful items. In the previous games I guess they just gave them out based on some level mastery, which mostly takes time and not necessarily much challenge. It makes me wanna get more SASU to get more good stuff.


So with the current sale going on the Epic Game Store I kind of want to pick up Hitman 3 and all of the content from the past 2 games as I only owned the first on Steam. I understand I will probably need to rebuy the first but I don’t mind giving IO some more money for what a great job they’ve done.

What is the way to buy this game right now so that you can access all of the content from all 3 games?

There’s a website to connect all the games to Hitman 3 on Epic if you have the other two on Steam.

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Okay I have gone through the trials and tribulations that is buying everything story related for Hitman on PC and I thought I should post it here for anyone else who is in a similar situation.

Read all the instructions first including those on the IOI Access Page

  1. Create an IOI Account

  2. If you own Hitman 1 GOTY edition (or all the expansions including Patient Zero) on Steam install it and Hitman 2. If you do not own Hitman 2 you can still install Hitman 2 and import the firsts destinations anyway, they just give you the intro beach level of 2 to play around in as well. Login into your IOI account in Hitman 2 by going into options. This will link the content

  3. Buy and install Hitman 3 on Epic Games Store (Note: right now they still give you Hitman 1 GOTY edition on EGS)

  4. Run Hitman 3 and play through the first tutorial mission then go to the main menu and in options login to your IOI account. Quit the game.

  5. Go to IOI’s PC Access pass Page and check to make sure your content in Hitman 2 (which includes the first game) is recognized as being attached to your account.

  6. Scroll further down and make sure the “Target Account” is correct then click on the available claims to get the Access Passes.

  7. If you do not own Hitman 2 like me and you want that content what you want to buy off of the Epic Games Store is the “HITMAN 3 Access Pass: HITMAN 2 Standard” and “HITMAN 3 Access Pass: HITMAN 2 Expansion”. There is also a Gold Pass which includes both of these but as of right now it is $100 vs buying each separate for ~$32.

The Seven Deadly Sins collection looks cool but does not appear to contain new locations or story content.

The grand total price as of right now to buy everything for Hitman 1 & 2 + 3 so you can play all of it in 3 is $88.72 USD during this current sale. The coupon works on Hitman 3 but does not work on any side content sadly.

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Hitman 3 Year 2 announcement!

I am pretty excited to find out what Elusive Target Arcade mode is. I’m hoping it’s a way to catch up on ones that I previously missed.


This is exciting! New maps! I hope that means full dlc maps like we got for Hitman 2.

I’m hoping the stuff the “community has been asking for” is a way to experience the whole game offline. Your hope for Elusive Target Arcade would fit into that vision! I’ve missed basically all of them this time around, because EGS means that I wasn’t seeing the game every time I booted my PC. It would be nice to have a chance to try them again!

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Any update on if/when this comes to Steam? I’m not against getting it on EGS on principle but I have the first two on Steam and would like to avoid hassle of linking it all together manually if possible