Hitman 3 - World Travel Simulator

In a Games Radar article, IO Interactive is quoted saying that the exclusivity agreement for Hitman 3 is for 1 year. So I’d expect them to release it on Steam on January 20, 2022 or shortly after.

It sucks that it’ll miss the Steam winter sale.

Hitman 3 — Year 2 kicks off on Jan 20, 2022, bringing it to Steam and Gamepass (with a full trilogy package), with technical improvements, VR mode, new Illusive Target Arcade mode, and new Freelancer mode that is a rogue-like inspired dynamic campaign, reminding me a lot of Invisible Inc.!


Looks like it’s time to go back to Hitman

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I put 5? hours into Hitman over the holidays, and I’m still on the tutorial boat (trying to steal a man’s hat now). I’m baffled at how this game is still adding things. At this point I’m pretty sure there’s no way I’ll ever finish what’s already there.

I can’t wait. Wild that I’m getting my 2022 GOTY locked in in January.


Jazzed for this for several reasons.

  • Game Pass! I have Hitman I-III on PS4 because that’s where I started playing them, but I don’t have a PS5. I only have an Xbox Series X because I was able to get one through the All Access monthly sub thing. I wouldn’t want to buy the games over again just for the next gen perks but if they’re coming to Game Pass? Time to replay a masterpiece, baby.

  • Freelancer: I like so much about the sound of this. Just as a whole aesthetic thing I’ve missed having a ‘safe house’ location; was Blood Money the last to have that? Or was the last one even earlier? Anyway, it sounds like a great way to add even more replayability using the existing levels. Sure, re-attempting story missions is always an option, but that can get old, and while Escalations are neat the requirements to execute them in a very specific way is the whole point - you don’t get the freeform “how am I going to accomplish this” vibe you get from normal levels. Freelancer sounds perfect for the way I like to play Hitman.

  • New levels teased! 'Nuff said. I was a little worried that all the new features (PCVR, Freelancer, Elusive Target Arcade) were simply reusing existing locations. Not that Hitman lacks locations at this point! But it’s great to know more are on the way.


Totally agree re Freelancer. I’m up for that extra little bit of staged planning and role play, plus the Invisible Inc. vibes I’m getting seems like an ideal way to utilize the sandbox

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Year 3 or 4 will probably just be a Hitman Maker. I really really want to actually dive into this trilogy since something has always pulled me away before I get too far in.


Just purchased Hitman 3 for PS5… so naturally it comes to games pass! Oh well… Has anyone tried Hitman VR? I can imagine all the actions you perform in Hitman make VR a blast.

I believe the VR in “year 2” is going to be different to the PSVR version. The PSVR version did not have move controller support so you didn’t have actual motion controls with independent hand movements. Looks like this is a complete rework of the VR version for the PC.


I’ve heard good things about Hitman in PSVR, so yeah, I was surprised at how stuff like throwing in PCVR was touted as completely new - that seems like a basic thing you’d really want from your VR experience! Still, if you already have PSVR, seems like it’s worth a go (though just as a note, you need to launch the PS4 version of the game on PS4, not the native PS5 version, to access VR)