Hitman Absolution and Blood Money HD Announced


Announced today, an HD remake of two hitman games, blood money considered to be the best or one of the best.
For those who haven’t played them but enjoyed the new hitman games, I suggest keeping an eye out.


Updated controls sounds interesting. As I remember it Absolution already played well, more like the new ones, but I can imagine Blood Money being a bit stiff today.

Edit: btw, wanna sneak this in here so we are clear, Absolution is a good game, thanks.


What I really hope is that they’re just putting these maps in the Hitman 2 engine.


I’m curious how people who came into the fold with Hitman 2016 and beyond will feel about these games. Absolution is an interesting departure but it felt in a weird way like MK Mythologies where they’re trying to cram a new framework into a toolset that doesn’t favor it. The entire point of this level is just to sneak past people with no target so I can overhear a conversation in a vent? Now I have to do target practice to get my guns back? Why does 47 even care? A lot of that game felt incredibly locked down, like there is one path to get through here without being seen and you either find it or don’t.

Blood Money at least had the traditional level/target structure, but those games are so much less flexible. Also that’s back when those games had the weird uncomfortable obsession with having edgy, sexy levels. For a professional assassin, 47 sure has gone to his fair share of strip clubs/sex parties.


I’m extremely curious to see these games as a Hitman 2016 person, cause I’ve never played them and all I know is like sexy nuns and basically zero about the gameplay.


I’ll let you in on some details:

Hitman before 2016 does not embrace the wacky humor of its modern entries. It is very super SERIOUS with it’s silly cloning plot, and it goes for the DARKEST kind of content over a James Bondy atmosphere.

Honestly, I feel like a LOT of people will probably drop Blood Money with it’s incredibly dark and racist tutorial mission.

I feel like the best thing to do here would be to put the Blood Money/Absolution levels into the Hitman 2 engine, and just drop the story of the two games.


If these were level packs for Hitman 2 then I’d be on board. As a stand alone release I don’t need them. I’ve got them installed on my PS3 already.


I would much rather see Contracts than Absolution get a remaster


I legit think Contracts has the best story of the pre-2016 games.


Lmao, I literally bought Absolution in the steam sale on Wednesday :stuck_out_tongue:

I hope there’s some sort of discount for people who already own the games!


I wouldn’t say they don’t embrace the wacky humor, the wacky humor is still there, it’s just far more dry. A lot of these games bleed together for me, so I’m pretty sure it’s Blood Money, you go to a heaven/hell fetish party and you can push the target into a gigantic shark tank and watch her get eaten. You could drug a surveillance van full of FBI agents to knock them out by poisoning a bunch of donuts which they just willingly accept and confess to you they’re undercover agents. The difference between pre and post 2016 to me is that there was less room for chaos and confusion in between. Previously when you fucked up, that was that. If you didn’t hit prescript comedy moments, the rest of the world was very uninteresting.


They literally remastered Blood Money last gen, and Absolution was a last gen game as well.

This is silly.


Hitman Remaster 3: The Search for More Blood Money


Can you blame them? Despite being excellent games, Hitman 2016 and Hitman 2 didn’t sell gangbusters.


This is usually a reason NOT to remaster a game.


I think Absolution is a fine game, just not a very good Hitman. It actually laid the foundation for Hitman 2016 in a lot of ways. The main reason I bounced off of it so hard is because of the story. It’s so needlessly dark and self-consciously edgy that I just couldn’t stomach inhabiting that world after a while.


I don’t usually get the setup for such a perfect Spaceballs pun. Let me have this one.


This is that rare case where a classic getting remade does absolutely nothing for me. I don’t think ANY Hitman game getting remade would do much for me, honestly. I’ve played these games to absolute death already by design. Hitman levels are so close to solvable puzzles that it feels like I’ve already “solved” them, and have no desire to reassemble the pieces in the same (or maybe slightly different) ways. All I want, as a Hitman fan, is new levels, new mechanics, new surprises. Leave the old stuff in the unmarked grave, so to speak.