'Hitman: Game of the Year Edition' Brings New Campaign, Tools, and Targets


A few weeks ago, the newly independent IO Interactive began teasing a Hitman announcement, cautioning fans that it would not be the second season of the game. Speculation immediately began. There was the wildly optimistic: "It's a fakeout! They're announcing season two!" There was the measured: "It's a halloween themed reskin of an existing map!" And there was the pessimistic: "It'll be an explosive briefcase weapon, and that'll be it."

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I’m just happy the game is alive and am looking forward to playing Patient Zero!

Hopefully more comes out of this version Hitman. This year has been a bit dramatic for me, as a long time fan.


I am going to but THE SHIT out of this edition. Hopefully IO will recieve enough support to maintain themselves as indie and make Season 2


This is great news!

As someone who fell off the game after the first Elusive Target and came back before the last Elusive Target (I know, weird), I’m glad that I can try my hand on all the ones I’ve missed.

The new campaign is also very welcome. And although I wasn’t really expecting it I’m a little bit disappointed we don’t get a new map as well. But that’s just a minor gripe, especially since I legit thought the Hitman franchise was gonna go the way of the Deus Ex (that one still hurts like hell though)


Bought this game twice and I don’t regret it for a second. I really hope this works out of IO and Season 2 becomes a reality - they absolutely deserve it.


This is the best Hitman I’ve played by far. I hope all the people who wanted a GOTY edition instead of buying episodes are going to commit to their claims.


I never even played all the maps in the base game but i’ll probably buy this just to support them now that they’re independent.


Another chance at the illusive targets, thanks you!


I’ll be upgrading for sure – I only reluctantly uninstalled Hitman to make room on my PS4, but it won’t stay gone for long. This is just the excuse I need to download it again!


When it comes to Hitman, I’m an anomaly. I couldn’t get into the games back on the PS2, despite renting and trying. They were just too slow and I wasn’t great at them, or ever a big fan of stealth.

But Blood Money looked great, so I pre-ordered it at Blockbuster (who ended up getting it late), got a t-shirt and tried again. Still, it didn’t do anything for me, but my friends loved it and played it for tens of hours. Their copy, not mine.

Absolution is the one that really did it for me. It was fun, wasn’t too punishing and I liked it a lot. Then again, Conviction is my favourite Splinter Cell. Prepares for pitchforks, haha

Apparently this one is more like the older ones, so I haven’t bothered. But maybe when the GOTY is dirt cheap. I have heard good things.


Hitman 2016 is a game I’ve thought about getting for a while now and with this coming out soon + IO being independant I’ll def consider buying this.


I hope there’s more achievements!


Anyone else been playing the new campaign today? I have some reservations about it but overall I think it’s a really great addition to Season 1 and a good way to bridge the time before Season 2 starts (2018 please IO).

The final level impressed me in particular in the new mechanics which I won’t spoil too much, but it completely changes the way you have to use stealth/the way you play the mission. Anyone who has played it will know what I am talking about.

Hope to hear there are other people enjoying this great addition. (Plus who wouldn’t love playing as cowboy47 for every single mission???)