Hitman Has Finally Fixed Its Most Dangerous Bug: A Killer Toilet


Combat is about to get smoother for all sub-'professional' players.

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I bought Hitman Absolution and 2016 at the same time. I’m still in shock to realize how much of an improvement 2016 is and I heard 95% of the staff weren’t even there during the development of Blood Money !

Hitman 2016 is everything I wanted after Absolution was everything I didn’t want. Congratulations to them, I’ll get on that season 2 ride without fault this time.


I wonder if they fixed the bug that makes emetic poisoned NPCs greatly prefer vomiting in trash cans over toilets. That bug has really affected my strategy in several elusive targets.


I think that’s probably a good thing. Blood Money was good but not perfect, having people come in that played but didn’t develop a game leads to interesting conversations about what you thought was bad players thought was good and vice versa.