HMM - Hot Mic Mornings

I’m loving the Hot Mic Mornings this week and they didn’t have a thread yet. It’s good fun to hear the casual chats, it’s like a lower key podcast where we can get those deep dives on Animorphs chat and Donkey Kong’s mask!face as well as arguing the finer points of the sauce discourse.


My thoughts exactly, only a cup of coffee ago.:slight_smile:


Personally I’m fine with them on the YT channel being that there are both visual visual elements and more on-camera presences. I feel like it might be too cluttered to put these daily talks on the podcast feed?

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While it’s true that audio users would miss out on the visual component, I’d rather have that than not having the time to watch this everyday. Podcasts make it easier to engage when I am doing other tasks.

And there’s no need to put it in the main podcast feed. Have a separate feed that people can opt in to and that way there’s no effect on the Waypoint Radio listenership.


its like a daily Unprofessional Friday.


Nothing to add except yeah, this has quickly become a favourite. I know it must be a bit of a pain for the team to have to be “on” so much, so I hope they don’t burn out on it.


I really enjoy the discussions had here and the twitch chat discussions. I sympathize with the argument for recordings of HMM not being on the main podcast feed since it is less games-focused than the podcast. I wouldn’t mind being able to catch the audio of them when missed live though. Perhaps a second feed is the solution? I’m also aware of the time and effort that would create to manage. I’m not sure how you decide the value there. Technically, the VOD is available with the chat but I imagine that won’t work for quite a few folks that would then be missing out on this good good time.

Yeah, this is my only concern. It’s a fun feature, but not if it’s at the cost of the crew’s well being.

Over at Polygon, there’s a half running joke/half growing concern in the chat audience of Patrick Gill and Brian Gilbert’s weekly Gill & Gilbert Show that those two keep hurting themselves for the sake of the show. They did an episode yesterday where Brian was kind of sick and Pat mentioned possibly having bronchitis. This coming after Pat handled allergens (on 2 separate occasions), Brian came down with (potentially stress-induced) shingles, Pat revealed a deep phobia of singing in public (AFTER they did an episode where he had to sing on stream), and an episode where they had so many technical problems, they said “fuck it, we’ll just start the episode over” (and then the problems came back and they started from the beginning for a THIRD time).

Needless to say, the chat has been increasingly concerned about the toll G&G is seems to be taking on “the lads”, and I don’t want that to happen to the WP crew either. I just want what’s best for the physical and mental safety of all my special video game website friends :cry:


I would agree with putting them on a separate feed, like GB’s Aftermath and other featured podcasts and interviews having their own feeds. It’d be good to have an audio only version to listen to on the go for sure.

I would love to see a podcast of these - I think a separate feed is a great idea as others have suggested - since my usual schedule is much more conducive to audio than video content consumption. Of course, that’s only if it would be simple for the crew to extract the audio and post it; I wouldn’t want that to create a ton of extra work for them.

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Totally this. Even if they just manage it every now & then rather than daily it’s all good. I think the WP audience understands that there are real people with real lives both in front of and behind the cameras and we’d rather everyone have fun without putting too much strain on anyone.

Absolutely. And to be 100% clear, I’m not trying to insinuate* that Pat and Brian are pushing themselves so hard because their audience is being super demanding. If anything it’s the opposite, that audience is often saying “Please stop hurting yourselves! Just take a week off, we’re begging you!”

*I know YOU weren’t saying that either. I’m just clarifying in case it wasn’t clear to other readers.

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Absolutely co-signed that I don’t want the crew to become burdened with this just for my good times. I’d hope it’s a slightly more chill version of being On, but I’m well aware that being on is always work no matter what.


Let us take a self-congratulatory moment to recognize the fact that within a few posts about how much we like this new feature, we have a number of posts expressing concern for the creator’s well-being.

That’s why I love Waypoint people. Y’all care.

/awkward fist bump


I would love a “Waypoint Presents” feed that could house this, the review reads, and any other audio-forward stuff yall think would work in it. I want to be just absolutely crammed


Hey! Really want to put these in the feed or do some sort of an audio supercut with them, but just fully haven’t had the bandwidth this week given the rest of the stuff on our plates. It’s a thing we’d like to figure out though!

I’ll say that this is a MUCH lighter lift than the twice a day streams we’d been trying to do throughout the rest of this year. Chatting about animorphs and watching old cartoon intros is like… an extremely chill vibe thing that lets us have longer streams (which is what you need to succeed on Twitch) with less workload or intensity that comes from game streaming.


On a serious note.
HMM has been just an absolute delight. It’s great to hear the gang just bullshit because they’ve all got great chemistry together. On top of that, I’ve always wished we could get more Natalie cause she’s great, and now with HMM and the production cam (which is also super), I’m getting my wish.

On a joking note.
I’ve been really loving all the guests they’ve had on.

But man when Jerry showed up that second time, after all that weird discussion about how straight he was, it got AWKWARD. You could just see the energy leave the room. It was clear Austin did NOT want him there.


It’s great, as a Canadian, watching non-Canadians react to the Donkey Kong cartoon, so yeah, keep these coming


Until it has podcast form, I’d recommend using OffLiberty or some other YouTube to MP3 converter site and downloading the audio that way. That’s how I consumed all the Giant Bomb press conferences this E3, worked out well.

Good to hear it’s not too taxing to do these. They have been very rewarding. I love the game streams but I could listen for hours about what constitutes as a “sauce” or the spectrum of sapient animal representation.
Actually, if anyone knows of a podcast devoted to this topic (generally in the Mossflower to Ducktales/Darkwing area) please let me know.

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