HMM - Hot Mic Mornings


Austin insisting dip is a seasoning has me heated.

EDIT: re “going in the suit”: does Rob think all mech pilots are in there with their bare asses pressed up against a hatch?

These are some very hot takes.


Austin and Natalie dragging Joel for not having an Emo or Pop Punk phase has me heated! So backwards…


This is very good to hear! :smiley:


Austin, the next time you’re at Wendy’s, you dip those fries in that frosty! DO IT!


Yo, HMM have been fantastic so far, and shout out to Cado for doing his damnedest to rep Destiny Raids.


Natalie dying at the embarrassing story at the start of Ep 3 is just :kissing_heart::ok_hand:


This stream is perfect

“What shirt am I wearing?”

“The Eagles”

Way too loud laughter
Audio dies


All dips are sauces because dips is short for dipping sauce.

And since you can dip stuff in soup, that makes soup a dip, which makes soup a sauce.



Officially requesting a future gag where Dan Ryckert comes on as a guest and everyone just calls him Rob. Potentially without him knowing why. That was a good hot mic moment.


I decided to watch HMM for the first time today and now I remember that this BrokenCyde video exists. Thanks?


But what of the chicken noodle soup?? When dipping something not all components of the soup transfer onto the dipped object, meaning only the broth is actually acting as a dip.

Furthermore, dips are not defined by whether or not something can be dipped into it. Coffee isn’t donut dip.


Yeah but the broth is part of the soup, so the soup as a whole is a dip.

Also if you’re DIPPING donuts into coffee, that makes it a dip, which makes coffee a sauce.

Coffee is a wet bean sauce this has been my ted talk thank you for your time.


So if I go to a crowded swimming pool and dip a donut into it, the pool and all the people in it are collectively a sauce??


If in this hypothetical we are considering the pool to be a food

Yup. Pool Sauce


Should have know by your username that you’d be pushing your harmful everything-is-sauce agenda.

I am putting my foot down.

I will never identify as sauce and you can’t change that.


Look. The thing about sauce is. It’s a food.

Are you now or will you ever be a food? No? Then you don’t got to worry about being a sauce.


Not human food I hope, but we’re all actively being eaten by something.


Not all foods are sauces tho.


Not yet anyway.