HMM - Hot Mic Mornings


That’s a pretty religious potato.


It’s name is Matthew apparently


Knowing what substances are usually present in crowded pools, I think this might actually deviate from Ben Pack’s original “sauce is the best food” take.


If you’re counting a crowded pool as food, then you have bigger problems than what is and isn’t a sauce


What if you’re a shark?


If there is one thing I refuse to tolerate, it’s the vilification of Sharks.

But that’s pool food baby


re sauce: spreads are sauces and so a lot of this discourse is agonizing because I want to weigh in on it


I felt the same reaction as Austin at Rob’s accusation that he was trying to annihilate meaning


I feel like a lot of the semantic discourse loses meaning anyway when we already have words for things.
Spreads are spreads, not sauces, at a stretch they’re condiments, but there’s a reason there’s a word for spreads and we don’t call it bread sauce or bread dressing or something.
(By that logic is peanut-butter a sauce?)

A lot of the specific definitions we have comes down to viscosity in the end, you can use a sauce like a dressing, but a sauce is typically a couple of shades thicker than a broth, but not as thick as a capital D Dressing.


I like being an influencer and transforming from a plane to a car at 50,000 feet in The Crew 2


If you put spread on a slice of bread, is that an open face sandwich?


Looking at the direction this thread took, I can’t believe it, but I miss the days when Waypoint just talked about feet.

I’ve had enough with the dishcourse


this forum has always had a distressing amount of gastro-taxonomic discourse


Here’s a bit more. Something that went unchallenged in the sauce episode is the conflation of sauces and condiments. I think they are distinct. Condiments are additive, not essential. A hot dog with mustard on it is a hot dog. A hot dog with no mustard on it is a hot dog. A pizza with no sauce is not a pizza. A lasagna with no sauce is not a lasagna.


100%. This is what I was thinking the whole time. In a tikka masala the sauce is part of the meal and not additive and therefore the sauce is not a condiment.


bout to f around and spend an hour making a series of Venn diagrams to teach these devils.


I had missed a couple HMMs so I’m getting caught up over the weekend and it’s a really good time. I like having a chill hangout stream where I can do something else while listening and then snap to full attention when Austin asks everyone what their Fursona is or Joel shows up with a powerpoint presentation or some shit. It’s a nice contrast stuff like Big Boy Season which demands your full attention.

Also more generally I think the producer cam is a really great addition, Natalie taking a more active role in the streams has been very fun.


I’ve really enjoyed what I’ve seen but, especially as someone who’ll never get a chance to join in live, one every weekday seems overwhelming. I would be down for 3 a week, combined with Waypoint radios that’s a pod a day.

EDIT: I just read Austin’s post above, didn’t realise they were focusing on longer streams to boost Twitch numbers. If it’s less taxing than playing games go for it!


Sorry, but who is Jerry?


In this instance, Jerry Seinfeld from Episode 02. I don’t have a note for his second time back, but you can see the start of the bit here.