HMM - Hot Mic Mornings


Oh. I am one of those people who has never watched any Seinfeld. I didn’t even know thats who that was.


You know you’re living that fuckin good life when a mod explains your bad joke for you.


Hot Mic Mornings ep 5 has way too much “sexy Gruntilda” for my blood

e: I’m Austin’s face at just-past-16:21 after Danielle says “suck the hot”.


Man. I was excited to watch this when I got home from work today.

Now that I know there’s sexy gruntilda discourse…

You know I’m even more excited


Absolutely hollering at Austin getting shoot angry when Joel cuts off the music


Hey thanks joel for the Khruangbin recommendation. They’re dope af.

For anyone else interested in more than the bit that was on stream, there’s a ton on youtube:


Been loving these episodes. I like that it gives everyone an opportunity to shoot the breeze about the semantics of sauce and other non-video game related stuff. Please keep this going!


The escalation of wild shit in HMM #5 is amazing. In under an hour it goes from talking about Sexy Gruntilda, to a power point about how Joel knew what scene music was, to Natalie singing along to some fuckin Crunkcore


For folks looking for some of that HMM goodness in audio format (@SuperBiasedMan among others), today’s Waypoint Radio might just fill that itch… for now.


Did anyone ever gif Austin’s reaction to the DK cartoon opening? I think I need it.


Hmmm, Alex Lemoine posted an excellent screen grab at least


Popping in to say, wow did I love this music-heavy Friday the 13th HMM. I mean, a Waypoint/Noisey collabo, featuring discussions about the politics of ambient music, the recontextualization of new age-era audio technology and music vs. sound art? Are you all like, literally hacking my brain right now? GET OUT OF MY HEAD, except actually don’t I super enjoyed the hell out of this, would listen daily 15/10 gr8 chat


Thanks much Danny! Will pass on the kind words to Colin!


Just got around to watching the HMM from the 12th and on the topic of playlists and stuff for Netflix it actually has that it’s just never talked about and is hidden.


I’m writing my dissertation on this


Did not realise YouTube knew that HMM are “lifestyle”. :smile: