Hobbies? Any hobbies shared in the community? Do they tie into Video Games?


I know all of us share video games as a hobby. What are some other hobbies shared in the community? Do video games tie into those hobbies?
Mines Fly Fishing, im really into fly fishing. I enjoy hiking, biking, and swimming (all the classic western hobbies). I also really love cars, classic cars specifically, my baby is a 1972 Ford Bronco that I got when I was 16.
I love fishing in every game, Stardew Valley fishing in a simple mechanic that I really enjoy. I also love Firewatch for the feeling of hiking through Wyoming. Car spotting is something I do in every game that has them, trying to name the real world car it was inspired by, or just enjoying the beauty of a unique design.


We may be westerners-in-common: I love fly fishing, as well, though living now in a relatively arid part of the west I don’t get to fish so often. When I visit my parents I can go from their house to standing in the river in about fifteen minutes, and it’s pretty special. (So I miss living in UT/CO these days…)

I’m also a mountain biker, and I’ve taken up a pretty good weight training habit the past couple of years, so I guess I’m an exercise guy now? I’m not sure any of this ties into gaming for me. Perhaps should pick up Firewatch for some Wyoming backpack feels, though.


I’ve taken up baking lately. I made a ton of gluten free brownies over the weekend and played puyo puyo tetris while they were in the oven which kind of counts as gaming connections. Then i ate them all because I’m fat and they were good as hell


Gluten free baking is hard, so I can tell you’re one hell of a baker.


I go bouldering (rock climbing sub-genre) usually once a week. For those not familiar, bouldering is unroped rock climbing, generally on short routes that aren’t usually very high, with an emphasis on problem solving. The problem solving aspect, and difficulty grading of climbs definitely slots together well with my gamer brain. More directly, it informs my love of The Climb in VR, which while far from accurate, captures some core parts of the essence of climbing extremely well (though it stumbles on one of the other core parts of climbing, which is social).


A while back I took up lock picking as a hobby, it turn out, in the UK at least, getting lock picks is super easy. I’ve been doing on and off on some practice locks for probably 8 months and I’m still sort of bad at it but is good fun all the same. Compared to lock picking in video games its most similar to the lock picking in the TESIV oblivion. However you also need to tension (turn) the lock to get the pins hold themselves in place.


Sleeping Dogs has decent picking mechanics, though also lacks tension. They do simulate the fact that each pin separates at a different point, which is cool. https://i.ytimg.com/vi/e_S4NYLom_0/maxresdefault.jpg


Right on. I’m practicing my gluten free pizza recipe lately. My son has celiac disease and several food allergies that make a lot of gluten substitutes (extra eggs, nut flours, argh) no-go. So it’s a challenge but super rewarding to pull off.


I spend my weekends and evenings riding and training horses as much as possible. I find it uniquely satisfying to develop teamwork with these big generous animals and it is also something absolutely real which is a valuable contrast to an increasingly digital life in other aspects.

Turns out riding horses is a lot more challenging than it seems in games and also not as much faster than walking a lot of the time…


I picked up dancing as a hobby around the same time I started playing DDR.


My main hobby is collecting retro video games. Finding games and consoles for good deals, cleaning and restoring them, and cataloging them. That ties into video games, in that I can play them as video games, but you don’t usually buy copies of Superman 64 to play them.


I collect mugs, I make a beeline to 'em in every gift shop, and I peruse flea markets and such for more.

I think Horizon Zero Dawn has some collectible mugs, but really, it’s not a very video gamey hobby.


I appreciate the compliment but it was literally just a brownie recipe but the flour bag says “gluten-free” on it, I’m hardly some kind of master baker (Yet)


I’m a hobbyist game developer, so I guess that counts. At the moment I like it that way, because I don’t mind working on smaller games for longer.

Also composing, but I have actually taken on paid projects for that, even though it’s not my profession.

Board games also a big deal for me and my friends, and I have a larger collection of those than I strictly need.

I’m trying to find something more active to do as a hobby. The only sport I really enjoyed a lot was Skiing, and I don’t get to do that very much.


It makes we love Oblivion even more, knowing that lock picking mechanic was based on some truth.


I’ve owned horses all my life, yet never really took up riding. To my dads chegrin. I think allot of people don’t understand how much work goes into training, and taking care of horses. I’ve always wanted to get back into riding, just haven’t had the time


I’m a writer, and alongside my partner we’re putting together our first book (fantasy fic set in the ice age).


I play a lot of board games. It’s how I met a lot of my friends, as well as how I met my wife. I’m also an avid comic book reader. I run a small comic book club in my city.