Hollow Knight: Silksong - Sequel to Hollow Knight!

Team Cherry announced they are doing a sequel to Hollow Knight where you play as Hornet. Believe it was going to be a DLC but cool it has become its own thing.


Devs talking about it:

I am very excited!


That’s a wonderful bit of news to start the day. Just finished the first one and absolutely adored it.


This so made my day. One thing I haven’t seen folks talking about is that they’re giving this sequel to Kickstarter backers for free (on PC or Switch!), which I think is just lovely of them. (Makes me wish I had backed the game!)

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Really excited for this to be my eventual Switch version of Hollow Knight. I’ve all but mastered Voidheart on PS4 - I’m excited to also play the Good Video Game on the go!

My girl’s got a ledge mantle, a grappling hook, a cloud step, and a parry.

That trailer looks damn cool! I hope Hornet is as fun to play as she looks. Seems like she has a lot more going on.

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I’m so excited to have a whole new Hollow Knight world to explore, but I might be even more excited to have a whole new Hollow Knight soundtrack to listen to. City of Tears is my favorite song in the game and my favorite area by extension. The track in this Silksong trailer is great, very promising.

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i luv… my stingy daughter…

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so tall and beautiful and strong… so proud of my daughter…


I loved Hollow Knight but I really hope that this doesn’t go even harder in on the difficulty. By the end of Hollow Knight it was getting iffy for me, and the DLC passed that and became uncompletable at my skill level.

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i “beat” hollow knight in one way or another, certainly not at 100%, and i can’t say that i know exactly what happened in that game. also i have very little memory of the Hornet character - i remember her showing up once or twice but i don’t think i ever learned what she was really doing? maybe i’m getting old. ah well.

This announcement made me want to hop back in to the first game on the Switch (0 bosses beaten)…almost 20 hours later and many bosses behind me I think I can say I’m hooked!

Definitely going to play as much of this game as I am able to (some of those bosses are tough!) and cannot wait for the sequel.


This is going to be exciting! The first one is a good hit.

I’m super hyped about this wiithout a doubt but I do have one very strange, specific gripe I might be alone in. I kinda liked having a completely silent protagonist? This is such a weird game to even talk about this in given everyone just speaks unintelligible bug gibberish but I’m wondering if Hornet’s vocalizations will get old after a while. They’re great and characterize her a lot in the few encounters you have with her in the first one (her yelling “get good” at you is still pretty funny to me I’m sorry), but there was something about being a stoic little husk of a character that resonated with me for some reason. It’s not a big deal at all, maybe it’ll be even better.

Also, I wonder what the price will be. Honestly $15 for the first one felt too cheap for what a fantastic experience you were getting. I’d happily pay more for this if that ends up being necessary.

It will be $15. They mentioned that in a video that released alongside the trailer. As for the voice, repeated phrases every time you do an attack could get annoying, but having her talk with other characters would be neat.

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It seems reasonable for someone who fights with a needle to not have as threadbare characterization as the original’s protagonist.

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