Home Brew Table Top - I will run away


So I wanted to just share a table-top story and see if anyone else ever had a similar experience. During the extra life group I was part of a sizable number of people decided to place 40K/Warmachine instead of PC game. This was fine with me because all I really wanted to do was hide from my wonderful family and play some PC games.

However, wanting to be social, I started talking with a few folks who were going to do some role-playing. Being the dim, slow-witted, and generally agreeable I found myself looking over a home-brew RPG PC sheet being told “It’s cool, it’s not that hard we’ll level up after we make the group.”

I thought about my wonderful Shadow Tactics run and all the different ways I would be disposing of bodies in the early Edo period. I heard the well meaning and very nice GM saying “Oh, but the thing you don’t know about the enemy is… four hours into a two hour game”. I felt the shame and hopelessness as my phone ran out of battery power and I was forced to pay attention to rules minutiae for other gamers so I could say “Ok- I’ll attack too”. I thought of my children, one that I’ve just had to go comfort while writing this post, never giving daddy a minute to play a game that any sort of thought.

I told my friends, and possible friends, and now even never to be friends, “I couldn’t possibly understand this game I’m sorry guys” and went back to the warm glow of my PC. As my heart grew three sizes gazing at the 1080P screen I thought want you all to know-

Homebrew RPG systems are a total waste of time. Never spring them on the unsuspecting.