Honks vs. Quacks: A Long Chat With the Developers of 'Untitled Goose Game'

It would have been fine, maybe even enough, if Untitled Goose Game’s legacy was a funny trailer for a video game concept that worked better in theory than in practice. There are worse fates, you know? But in 2019, a year where the news outweirds itself on a daily basis and events feel plucked from a randomizer that’s pulling ideas out of a hat, our current status is equally plausible: Untitled Goose Game is not just a funny game but an excellent one.

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The goose is based on that stock image of a goose, or maybe the collectively-imagined goose we described in that Slack conversation—our platonic goose. White and orange, frowning mouth, honking noise. A classic goose. We get asked a lot if we’d add an option for a Canada Goose skin, but we’ve always bristled at this—ours is a game about THIS goose, our specific goose, not a customisable goose-avatar.

This is really funny to me for some reason. A+ interview.


I can’t believe I didn’t realize that the third level is actually Yojimbo / Fistful of Dollars / that one episode of Pokemon where the Scyther Gym is fighting the Electabuzz Gym.

(Also if they make a sequel, can they please call it “The Goose, the Bad, and The Ugly?”)


Our Specific Goose would have been a good title, though still not as good as leaving the game untitled.


Something I’m really impressed by is the last paragraph. With so many companies focused on presenting their games as apolitical, a developer considering the politics of their seemingly apolitical work like they have is great to see.


The specific choice not to include cops in the game really stands out to me. In real life, too many stories of wild animals terrorising towns end with ‘and then the cops showed up and shot it.’ Distancing the game from this helps lighten the tone so much, and lets it play in a much more interesting conceptual space.