Hoo boy.. Jax's ending in MK11 is sparking controversy and I love it (spoilers)

It’s presumably non-canon anyway, but let’s just say that… it’s the bestending in any mortal kombat game for me

Content warning for extreme violence and gore, skip to 0:35 in the video to see the Jaxx ending scene (also a CW for depiction of slavery in the ending)


After Injustice 2’s really thoughtful portrayal of Harley Quinn dealing with the trauma of her abusive relationship with Joker, stuff like this isn’t too surprising for me to see, but welcome nonetheless


I love that baseball sound effect when he says “knock it out of the damn park”. That’s so wonderfully cheesy.


Harley Quinn is amazing in Injustice 2 They did her justice unlike suicide squad


Really hoping the 2.4K dislikes are from people who felt squeamish at the glass violence like me - if people are honestly upset because a game presents a non-canon dream of a black utopia…

It kind of hit me after - the gore at the beginning struck such a different tone than the cheesy, hopeful ending that I had a little whiplash. It must be difficult to find the balance in knowing that you have made a historically violent franchise and then trying to evolve it into something that tells a meaningful story. I guess it makes sense that you’d have people that would come to MK11 looking for the violence and be disgusted at any woke elements - I’m not excusing the shitty responses, I’m saying that it’s important that we have these messages in all media and it’s kind of subversive and great to have it in this game that has been kind of like a teenager’s violent wet dream in the past. Harley Quinn ending sounds interesting as well, I’ll check it out


The Harley Quinn stuff I referenced is actually in the main campaign

During her chapter, she fights Scarecrow who hits her with fear toxin, which transports her to a carnival setting where Joker suddenly appears (he’s dead in this universe). He tries to manipulate her and lay on the “charm” in typical abuser fashion, but she rebuffs the illusion and beats the crap out of it. It rules.


I don’t see how anyone with any sort of moral compass could be upset by this ending. He goes out of his way to say the world is a better place for everyone. Not a subset of people, everyone. Netherrealm could have made him be specific but instead made it broad. There are so many more drastic ways they could have taken that ending to make a point but they went with an “everyone wins” ending and people are upset. What a fucking world to live in.


I just saw the like/dislike ratio and the description and … just … what the hell!

Are there any uploads of this ending anymore that aren’t racist right wing bullshit? Both this video and other videos that seemed to not be chud types getting pissed about it have all been deleted by the user or they deleted their accounts like in this one.

Like every way I try to Google it all I can find is gross gamer bullshit.

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It’s weird seeing these threads with titles and ops seemingly copied from Resetera? It’s especially funny in this case because the poster on Resetera did not seem to think this ending was a good idea.

I watched all the MK11 endings and multiple other ‘good’ endings are smaller scale than Jax’s it’s almost like gamergater types are mad because its a black man ending slavery…

The fact that people are essentially having to defend slavery just to justify being mad at this is EXTREMELY TELLING


Some “”""“fun”"""" takes I’ve seen so you don’t have to:

  • “Why didn’t Jax (explicitly) free any of the white slaves?”
  • “What about all the time paradoxes? SJW logic lol”
  • sees 3 black characters on screen “Wow, a black ethnostate? Who are the real racists now?”
  • “Where’s the ending where a white guy ends the Holocaust?”
  • “This is a Mortal Kombat, which is a silly video game, ergo this is bad.”
  • insert racist meme here

and the absolute worst:

  • “Western civilization would be better off because there would be less black people”
  • “Wanting to destroy slavery? That’s not very patriotic.”



So on the one hand we have Jax ending slavery and causing gaming fascists to herniate into next week, and on the other hand we have Rhonda fucking Rousey as Sonya.

The former is a fun little inclusion that is only given weight by these chuds’ reaction to it, while the other is the tacit endorsement of noted Sandy Hook truther and transphobe.

Gonna have to do better than some ending slides Netherrealm. A lot better.


“That’s not very patriotic,” they say to me while I visibly wave a black flag and light the constitution on fire.


I made the mistake of searching it on Twitter and can confirm of all of these takes are as real as they are awful.

Asking as someone who gets bent out of shape over some pretty stupid things, what the fuck is wrong with these people?

They are very racist.


That does seem to be the case.

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I made the mistake today of checking MK11’s forums on steam.
Oh boy… It ruined my evening. It’s hard to not feel overwhelmed by all of this hatred.