Horror Game Encourages You to Get Refund If You Can Beat It in 2 Hours

Refund Me If You Can is a horror game with a unique challenge—a dare, really. “By playing this game I agree on my honor that I will not ask for a refund if I don’t succeed,” reads an opening text crawl. “If you don’t respect this rule than [sic] you agree that you are a coward.”

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It’s a neat marketing gimmick, but I have questions about whether or not it’s actually you know, a good game. Though I do think that the time stressor, being somewhat outside of the game, could add some tension, I’m not sure if it looks very fun. That’s fine for an indie though! And it’s kind of a wacky idea.

The refund policies on Steam are good to have but I do know for a fact that they get abused and a lot of people making a small game will get bupkis because of it. I doubt this will change it much but I hope there are some reworkings in the future.

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I admit I do find it annoying yet somehow predictable that people abuse the refund window on Steam (for what it’s worth, I’ve only refunded 1 game on Steam ever, and I have quite a few I’ve even “finished” in that time). I’m still not super convinced by this “solution” to the problem though - I’d rather people just put games on itch.io etc to help people move off Steam in general…