Horror movie recommendations


I finally watched Train to Busan and gang, it might be the best zombie movie since Dawn of the Dead? The characters felt full sketched out and it genuinely earned it’s ending in a way I think is missing from a lot of other zombie movies.

I’m really interested in what movies y’all have watched recently!

Outside of a Dream: A Podcast for the Best in New Horror Cinema

If you enjoy Korean / Asian horror, I’d really recommend The Wailing. It’s fantastically paced with great moments of humour amongst constant creeping dread and tension. I love any horror movie that isn’t afraid to find moments of levity - it’s when we laugh that we let our guard down and a good filmmaker can really exploit that. Get Out did a great job of that too (not surprising, considering Jordan Peele’s comedy chops).

I also recently liked Bone Tomahawk as well. It’s a bit gory but not overly so. One of the protagonists has a broken leg throughout the movie, which really sets you on edge as it makes him so fragile. It’s a good example of horror being combined with other genres (in this case a western) as well.


If you liked Bone Tomahawk, I would for sure check out Ravenous, another cannibal horror western. It’s a really deft mix of horror and comedy with a pretty good rift/critique of manifest destiny.


The best horror movies I have seen this year so far are Get Out, The Wailing and the Devil’s Candy.


My favorite will forever and always be The Orphanage.


The Invitation is a nice slab of tension filled celluloid. I think it’s on Netflix.

Premise: A man is invited to his exes dinner party long after the pair have experienced a shared loss.

The film is a slow burn but worth it for the final shot.

It also features Logan Marshall Green who is awesome in this and even better in the mostly unseen TV show, Quarry.


My top horror movies:

  • The Thing
  • The Descent
  • [REC]
  • The House of the Devil
  • Alien

I tend to gravitate towards “person or persons trapped in an isolated space” kind of stories.

Also I’m one of those dudes that actually liked [REC]2 a bunch for entirely different reasons.

  • the haunting of hill house
  • the babadook
  • audition (very gory)
  • noroi (the curse)
  • the orphanage (so good I have to second this recommendation)


Personal Shopper was the last movie i watched and I don’t think I would recommend it but would like to know what others think of it. I liked Maps to the Stars better, Twilight allegiances aside.


Girl With All The Gifts - Train to Busan has already been mentioned, which was a great zombie movie. Girl with all the gifts is based on the novel of the same name. It’s basically a low budget version of 28 days later, set in the UK engulfed in a running zombie outbreak, a party must travel across the country to get to a certain destination. There’s more to it than that. Infected children haven’t totally turned into zombies yet like all the adults, so they can be talked to and educated - it’s a really interesting twist on the old zombie formula. It is a bit low budget in places (you could play a drinking game based around spotting all the UK high street brands that have been digitally imposed into the film), but it’s got a great cast (Paddy Considine, Gemma Arterton and Glenn Close).

Raw - This French/Belgium horror was out at cinemas for a hot second over here in the UK. I’d heard loads of good things so I ventured out to see it right away. It’s a great coming of age story of a girl who goes to veterinarian school. She’s strictly a vegetarian, but due to all the brutal hazing rituals, she is forced to eat raw animal liver which awakens another hunger within her. It’s pure psychological horror with some real gory moments, however it’s also oddly comedic and tender in places. The film’s final moments includes a real savage message for both boys and girls. I wrote a bigger review on my blog, if anyone is interested, but I’d highly recommend.


I adore The Orphanage. I dressed up as Tomas one Halloween to hand out candy and may have accidentally traumatised some neighborhood kids.


Have you seen 10 Cloverfield Lane? It’s definitely a trapped in an enclosed space kind of horror movie and the performances are brilliant. John Goodman is the both best dad and maybe the scariest man alive.


I love and adore Personal Shopper, but Kristen Stewart is my favorite person (not counting my loved ones irl), so my judgment may be clouded. I do think any Olivier Assayas is worth seeing (even when not featuring K.Stew), as he’s a fascinating #content creator.

Maps to the Stars is also very interesting, but I would say that about any Cronenberg film, even his new-era post-body-horror works.


Totally. 10 Cloverfield Lane is damn good. Does so much with a simple concept.


I’ve seen a lot of love for it! I think I need to rewatch it since I wasn’t able to see it in a theater so don’t have any proper opinions about it. I’ve also heard a lot of good things about Carlos


second this, The Invitation is a film that I can’t stop thinking about, even a year on since I first saw it, and that final shot is utterly mesmerizing in a way that I can’t really describe.


I seriously loved The Invitation. I watched it on skype with a friend and there was a lot of screaming.

Major spoilers: The worst part about all of your friends being murder by a cult is they won’t be around to hear you say I told you so.


I really regret not seeing Personal Shopper when it came out. It sounded really interesting.


I’ve not heard of Personal Shopper but it’s for sure going on my list!


The Girl With All the Gifts and Raw have been on my radar for a while! I need to get around to actually watching them.

From what I’ve heard, people seem to be having a similar reaction to Raw as they did to Goodnight Mommy? I loved Goodnight Mommy but also felt like I need to take a very long nap afterwards. Like, a few years worth of naps.