Horror movie recommendations


Did you get the opportunity to watch A Quiet Place in an actual movie theater? It’s such a unique experience. When I saw it, all the moviegoers were so caught up in the movie and afraid to make any kind of noise. I’ve personally never been more careful drinking soda in my life haha.


If you like actiony ones like Busan, I would recommend maybe…Shaun of the Dead? Not “horror” per se but sets a good world/atmosphere.

Really, I only watch psychological ones like Babadook, The Quiet Place, etc. If you wan’t something that is more sci fi horror, Annihilation is good.


Watched it with headphones in a dark room,but I can see what you’re saying, would be cool in a crowded theatre.


Finally watched Hereditary, and it was great!

So much detail put into set and sound design, ill definately have to watch it again. All those tiny diaramas, like movies within movies. And that one shot in the graveyard, where the camera just keeps panning down underground so it looks like another diarama, so good. The weird soft heartbeat that periodically is playing in the background, adding tension.

No one in this movie knows what the hell is going on, all the main characters are overwhelmed and teetering towards their breaking point.

The core of the movie isn’t supernatural, it’s more of a family drama…alienation from those you love, parents and children as flawed awful human beings who sometimes hurt each other, bear painful unspoken grudges, have secret lives. The writing was very good, acting too.


Kill List by Ben Wheatley is a movie I don’t often see mentioned. If you haven’t seen anything by Ben Wheatley it’s definitely weird but more focused than some of his other work. I don’t want to say to much but the protagonist was a hitman who get’s dragged back into that lifestyle and thinks go wrong.


I thought of Kill List repeatedly while watching Hereditary last week. No spoilers–while Hereditary is a much more visually composed film, it felt like it was a hollow exercise in a genre that others (like Kill List) had already elevated. In fact, other than mis-en-scene, I felt like Hereditary’s most effective trick was also its most spurious; the use of long takes on gore shots, and violent impact of those shots on the audience. I felt transparently manipulated in a way similar to that of the Conjuring series, but with gore in lieu of jump scares.

This isn’t to say I didn’t appreciate or enjoy Hereditary, especially as a lifelong horror fan who is starting to get used to prestige horror as a genre. But it struck me as a deeply flawed, and under-criticised film.

Anyhow, best horror film I saw recently was the Endless, which blew me away, despite some dodgy effects towards the end. I’d seen and appreciated Spring, but nothing in that movie prepared me for how shook I felt at the end of the Endless.


The Wailing was a fantastic Korean horror/thriller, I won’t say much but after a stranger shows up to a village and some mysterious goings on happen after the death of some villagers, he takes it upon himself to get to the bottom of it.

It’s tense, exciting, brutally violent. One of the stand out scenes, you’ll know it when you get to it is just an attack on your senses, the music, and the contrasting visuals are amazing