Horror movie recommendations

Can confirm that Us is a must!
For people who can’t handle jump scares or a lot of gore (like me), this is a good one. It’s much more tense and unsettling than all out scream-inducing. I also watched Hereditary recently and both films are ones I’ve been digesting for like, a week w/r/t themes, symbolism, etc.


Is anybody else checking out “Black Summer” on Netflix? I’m about three episodes in and finding it to be a pretty surprisingly good zombie show. And I’m pretty sick of zombies.

I highly recommend the extremely terrible video nasty “Absurd”. It’s a hilarious watch with some truly inventive gore and best enjoyed with company.

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I watched the first, and yeah… Something about it seemed different.

Funny that it’s canon with Z-Nation though.

Aaaah Absurd! I unironically fuckin’ love this movie. :heart: Like Joe D’Amato/George Eastman/etc. knew exactly what they were doing and did it and it’s surprisingly fun. All those Italian movies, on some level, rip off some other popular movie, this one’s a little deeper than most and I didn’t realize it until a more recent watch, it’s a riff on Halloween II!

I like the little cultural hiccup of people donning super formal clothes/etc. to go to a party and watch The Big US Football Game also.

Most importantly since this is most a video game board, Absurd has one of the best “Resident Evil” soundtracks ever, a must listen!

Absurd is a loose sequel to a previous D’Amato/Eastman movie, Anthropophagus, that’s another ur-Resident Evil movie imo though it’s not nearly as fun or good despite being legit creepy at times and having that particular moment in it.

Have to shamelessly plug this thing I wrote given the direction this post took lol:


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Love too go to a house to watch “The Game” and eat one (1) bowl of unsauced pasta.

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Wow, is it really? I dropped out of Z Nation in the second season so don’t know how they connect. I’ll be curious to hear what you think if you watch more. Each episode is almost like a vignette or setpiece that could be mostly disconnected from the others. I thought it was pretty interesting.

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