Horror movie recommendations


Caught the latest adaptation of Pet Semetary last night at a preview screening. It was fine, creepy in places and a couple of good scares. Definitely more understated than the latest It adaptation. I think when it comes to Stephen King, I do usually find reading the books a much more frightening experience. Though I’m kind of hoping the movie is setting up a King Verse. There’s a use of a door in a dream sequence that once again lit the torch in my mind for a better Dark Tower adaptation.

I’m more excited about Mike Flannagan’s Doctor Sleep adaptation. Wondering if it’ll go back and reference The Shining and if it does will it be more in line with the movie or the book.


Can confirm that Us is a must!
For people who can’t handle jump scares or a lot of gore (like me), this is a good one. It’s much more tense and unsettling than all out scream-inducing. I also watched Hereditary recently and both films are ones I’ve been digesting for like, a week w/r/t themes, symbolism, etc.


Is anybody else checking out “Black Summer” on Netflix? I’m about three episodes in and finding it to be a pretty surprisingly good zombie show. And I’m pretty sick of zombies.