Horror movie recommendations


I definitely needed a lie down after Raw…

You can add Veterinarian school to your list of classic settings for horror.


More of an action-thriller, but all of its allusions to Halloween make it relevant: The Guest.

One of my favorite in-theater experiences was realizing that this movie was not what I thought it was.

For those who must know: it’s actually a comedy, and a really really good one.


Oh man, The Invitation is so good. Love how it plays with the standard expectations that you have going into that type of story and gives everyone a realistic payoff.


I don’t watch a lot of horror movies these days but I will forever say that The Thing is one of the best movies ever made.


Everybody should watch They Live. It is hilarious and pretty soul-crushingly relevent. It also has the best fight scene, ever.


Babadook is great as is It Follows. Both The Void and We Are Still Here are a great balance of gore and horror.
Someone mentioned They Live-- that’s a good 'un.

Also: you can never go wrong with either Alien or The Thing.


We Are Still Here is one of my all-time favourites


I’ll second a lot of the movies listed here. This is a really good time for horror.

Ti West’s The Innkeepers is the best haunted house (well, haunted hotel) ever made. Not only because of its slow-building, dreadful tension and truly frightening imagery, but because the two leads just feel utterly real as people. I would watch a non-horror movie about those characters.

Ti West might actually be my favourite living horror director right now. The House of the Devil and The Sacrament are also excellent, though it actually features Vice prominently? I guess I can bring up that movie here?


The Invitation is amazing. It’s such a rare case that I go into a film knowing truly nothing about it, and I’m so glad that happened with The Invitation. Had only seen the poster and heard that it was good. Almost don’t want to say anything else about it b/c the slow burn works so well, but it’s got one of the tightest suspense scripts I’ve seen in a while.

I’ve gotten really into horror-thrillers lately, so I’ll add Green Room to this list as well.


Awww yess, love me some horror films. My personal favorite’s always going to be the soul-crushing, warped masterpiece that is Videodrome, followed by films such as The Masque of the Red Death, Trick 'r Treat, Candyman, Don’t Look Now, The Abominable Dr. Phibes, and A Nightmare on Elm Street.

A weird reccomendation that I’d give would be Lucio Fulci’s ‘Gates of Hell’ trilogy, consisting of The City of the Living Dead, The Beyond, and The House By the Cemetery. None of the movies are ‘good’ by traditional standard, but Fulci has gone on record saying they’re meant to be followed as experiences/mood pieces more than narratives. In those respects, three are resounding successes - especially The Beyond, which is one of the strangest, goriest, and most downright revolting horror films I’ve ever seen that still managed to hold onto some ethereal beauty. It’s phenomenal.


Rigor Mortis was one of my favorite movies of 2014, and continues a fascinating tradition of Hong Kong filmmaking interested in ghost stories that take place in apartment buildings (another example being Going Home). It’s a meticulously directed horror/action blend which I always seem to put high on my list whenever asked for a horror recc.

The Moaning practically brought the roof down around my ears, holy shit.

Borgman is another one on my list, shopped around as a “dark fairy tale” than a straight horror story, but wow. One early scene involving a little girl and a wounded man will make you sit up and take notice.


just watched They Live for the first time and I can’t get over how utterly perfect it is. that Roddy Piper middle finger as he’s about to get blown up though. Roddy Piper was a legend, love that dude forever.

@Sid hey thanks for pushing me to watch Jaws because I still think about how much I love it on a daily basis. also I feel very proud to know that you loved The Invitation so much, you’re welcome. now watch Funny Games already.

PS I saw this and went, “oh look there’s a horror movie thread I wonder if Sid has seen it… oh, Sid made the horror movie thread.” and then I looked into an imaginary camera.


They Live is so, so good. Not my favorite John Carpenter film, but damn do I love it.
(For the record, favorite would be Escape From New York, followed by The Fog, Assault on Precinct 13, In the Mouth of Madness, The Thing, and the list goes on and on…)


It us


Any of you that have Amazon Prime, the film The Church has been added to it, one of my favorite horror movies ever, a super atmospheric and dreamlike flick, it’s paced like a fever dream in the best way possible.

Directed by Michael Soavi, it’s a very meta movie about our expectations from horror movies and how we create and think about mythology today and the 80s Satanic panic, I fucking love it. Definitely Soavi’s best movie. Incredible soundtrack too.

On the surface it’s a very loose remake of the John Carpenter film Prince of Darkness, but it’s a more earnest cross-pollination of influences. Prince of Darkness itself, Carpenter has said few of the deaths in it were his attempts at creating an Argento-esque dreamlike horror, which is definitely succeeds at because Prince of Darkness is fantastic.

The Church began life as Demon’s 3 but Soavi felt it was too good to be part of that series so we got that Ogre movie instead, but like with “Zombi 3” I think the Church still got titled Demons 3 in some countries.


Ouija: Origin of Evil was a pleasant surprise. I had zero expectations and had avoided the first film based on word of mouth. It was a thoroughly crowd pleasing possession film in what has become an over-flooded and mostly bad horror sub-genre. I also think the director Mike Flanagan’s other films Oculus and Hush are solid choices as well.

The Babadook is a contender for the most thoughtfully handled metaphor of living with a debilitating mental illness in a horror movie ever.

It Follows is growing on me. I’ve even come around on the pool scene. First viewing it felt too later entry Nightmare on Elm Street goofy real world plan to stop Freddy. I mostly chalk it up to teenage logic now.

Get Out was the best theatrical experience I’ve had in a decade.

Alien and The Thing are all time favorites I’ll consistently go back to and I’m a cliche that watches John Carpenter’s Halloween every October.


Just gonna add to the chorus of The Wailing love. I’d written my top ten list for 2016 before i’d seen that, and it’s one of the best films I think I’ve ever seen, let alone in 2016. Expertly paced, brimming with dread, extremely clever. The Silence of the Lambs style scene in the middle with the ceremony is such a great bit of editing.

I’ll add Kill List to the list because I don’t think it has been mentioned yet, and I think it’s up there with the most harrowing films ever made like The Shining, Exorcist, Alien etc. A truly nasty film, in very unexpected ways.

Also shout out to Kiyoshi Kurosawa for Cure and Creepy which are two of his best films, and two of the nastiest horrors I can care to name.


The Kill List fucked me up, but in the best way. Not a movie I’m going to for get anytime soon (or that I’m going to rewatch anytime soon for that matter, haha.)


There are plenty of excellently-crafted horror movies out there, but none have made me feel the kind of dread I felt watching Eraserhead for the first time.


It Follows is such a great movie, as it pays homage to the best slasher horror film of all time.

It’s Halloween, just in case y’all didn’t know.

I also like Black Christmas. the one from the 70s. Good ol’ Canadian murder.