Horror movie recommendations


It Follows also has one of the best horror movie soundtracks I’ve ever heard

Of course, I expected nothing less from Disasterpeace


Kairo is a japanese dread-horror about isolation and depression in the (at the time newly) post-internet world. Massive cw for those themes, I really wouldn’t watch it in a bad headspace but it’s an incredible piece of art. The laser focus it has on it’s themes and sense of atmosphere is amazing, and also has the side effect of making the Scary Parts fcukin terrifying in a way not a lot of other horror is for me


My wife and I watched Phenomena tonight, she had never seen it before and it’s the first time I’ve watched it in like twenty years. OH MY GOD it’s still so awesome. This is actually the movie Clock Tower was heavily based on (and traced some imagery from). The movie is much more out there though. If you have Amazon Prime you can watch it for free right now which I recommend.

It’s hard to talk about because I don’t want to spoil how crazy it gets for those that haven’t seen it, but it’s never boring and worth seeing.

One caveat is that this is a completely uncut version of it, which is great, except that the additional bits were never dubbed into English. So it’s an English dubbed movie with random Italian dialogue in it. It’s easy enough to understand honestly in the context of each scene, but it will throw desynch any subtitle tracks you choose to use by a few seconds if that’s something you need. Either way have fun! :smiley:


From what I’ve seen, The Blair Witch Project seems very divisive, but on my first watch, I absolutely loved it. Hit me in a tense and mysterious way just right. Something I could appreciate as some minimalist film that is (what i believe is an early example) of the found footage genre

Another favorite of mine is the first Hellraiser film, because I love that good good demonic body horror fetish demon aesthetic.

I should get into more horror films because it’s something I only recently come to appreciate, being an easily frightened child


Ginger Snaps is really good. The sequels are less than stellar, but it’s a solid film. I don’t really have a lot of other reccs outside of that one though.


Blair Witch rules. Look up Noroi: The Curse, it’s a similar concept (found footage from a “documentary” about Spooky Paranormal Stuff) but executed much differently. Glad I remembered to post it actually, it’s one of my personal favorites.


All of Kurosawa’s (not that one) work is pretty much brilliant. Cure, Creepy, Tokyo Sonata, Journey to the Shore kisses fingers what a genius.

I think my favourite thing about him is how placid and still his camerawork is, and how his ghost stories all seem to have this element of magical realism to them - like the room decaying in Journey to the Shore, or the sealed up rooms being opened up in Pulse.

He’s also very good at denying the viewer access to spaces they want to see the stand out example of this for me is in Cure (his best I’d say) where he uses oblique angles in rooms to cut off your line of sight between two characters, or in the hospital basement where he refuses to let you see the antagonist moving towards the nurse until he cuts to him right in her face - far better than any music stab jump scare.

One of my last essays for university was a look at Psychospace in his Cinema, how his films use these cave like and recessed spaces to explore the trauma of the second world war. Heck, even my dissertation paid lipservice to Pulse even though it was about Serial Experiments Lain and Psycho-Pass.

Wheww, rambling. Anyway, Cure, Pulse and Creepy are three excellent and largely slept-on horror films.


I’m not entirely sure about mentioning Hausu as a horror film but every human being should watch it nevertheless.

Also, if you can tolerate edgy grotesqueness & body horror to some extend: Tetsuo, The Iron Man.


Here are some recommendations from someone who grew up watching horror films as a kid and now doesn’t really like them:
High Tension
I Am Not A Serial Killer
Time Crimes (more suspense than horror)


There’s a horror-romance out there called Spring that people seem kind of divided on, but I love it unabashedly. There aren’t enough successful horror-romance films out there, and this one stands out.

I also just finished They Look Like People, a tiny indie horror film about a guy struggling with some very troubling things that only he seems to be able to see. Excellent editing, a small cast of very strong actors, and a wonderfully tense ending.


The Wailing is one of the best horrors I’ve seen in years. What an absolute rollercoaster of a movie.

If you’re looking for a really fantastic mockumentary-style horror I highly recommend Lake Mungo. It’s a hidden gem, a really great little ghost movie from Australia that will leave you mentally scarred if it hits you the right way, like it did to me. I’ve seen it way too many times from showing it to so many people, and the ending still manages to leave me filled with dread every single time.

'Limetown' and the Sound That Evil Makes

I’m very firmly on the side of The Blair Witch Project is brilliant and perfect.


Spring is great! I thought the performances were great and kind of made the entire movie for me.


I will never stop yelling to people to watch train to busan. It is literally the best zombie film, hands down.

A lot of people have said it follows, which is also a great film.

If you’re into Thrillers at all, I Saw the Devil is equally friggin amazing


Kairo is incredible. The way it builds tone and atmosphere is something to behold.


I think I might be with you. In college, I got deep into the French Extreme. Movies like Martyrs, Them, High Tension, Frontiers, Irreversible, Inside. They are incredibly violent and visceral movies, and I don’t know that I can go back to them. Watching so much human suffering is no longer appealing to me. I still think that Martyrs and High Tension are great, and there is something to be said for the mental torture that is Irreversible. I don’t know that I could watch them again.

However, I do still like movies like It Follows. Hush was also pretty good.


Very good recommendation.

The snowy intro especially has a very unique atmosphere.


Jesus, They Look Like People. I watched that only a couple months after crawling out of a years-long depressive episode and it honestly should be mandatory viewing for any guy in his 20s, specifically when it comes to dealing with mental illness, getting your life together, and not letting your issues spiral out of control to the point they’re scaring good people away.

Oh, and I’m confident saying its sound design is on the same level as David Lynch’s, amplifying the dread for each of its key moments.


Return of the Living Dead is a personal favourite, mostly because Dan O’Bannon rules but also its a fun deconstruction of zombie movies of the time and is pretty tongue in cheek about it.

Don’t watch any of the others though.


Speaking of horror, was a big fan of Til Death Do Us Part, bring it back Klepeks!

Been reading more horror books than movies lately, but I can tell you that in the mouth of madness is still the best cosmic horror movie I’ve seen.
Recently watched all three seasons of Hannibal and was very impressed, especially for a network tv show, wow.