Horror movie recommendations


1922 (netflix), is really good! I remember the short story from one of King’s collections, and it was definitely the strongest in the bunch.


Black Christmas (the original, not the horrendously awful remake)
A Tale of Two Sisters
Haute Tension
Sleepaway Camp


I just watched Yoga Hosers last night. Now, I grew up a Kevin Smith fan and watched all of his movies up until Tusk, and I listened to a lot of his podcasts for years, and I’ve watched all of his older movies with DVD commentary and his animated show, etc., etc. But, man… I did not like Yoga Hosers. I think it’s really sweet that he basically made Clerks for his daughter, but those special effects and little sausages… It made me rethink whether or not I actually like Kevin Smith or, growing up watching his movies, liked the idea of Kevin Smith. Actually, a lot of his past movies have made me rethink that. But I digress…


He’s gone downhill greatly. I was a fan of his early films – and still am – but the newer ones either look insanely stupid, or in the case of Tusk, are hard to watch. I have no interest in ever watching Yoga Hosers, because it just doesn’t look good in any sense of the word. It looks stupid, and I hate movies that are super dumb, even most B movies that are ‘so dumb they’re good.’ It looks embarrassingly bad.

I tried to watch Tusk, but couldn’t do it.

Chasing Amy, Clerks, Mallrats, Clerks 2…all quite good. Even Jersey Girl was underrated. But these…


I recently watched the 2016 Blair Witch film and it was much better than I had been lead to believe. It’s not a perfect movie by any means and I still prefer the original, but there’s a lot of interesting stuff going on in this one. The last act is especially good. Blair Witch was not a series where I thought I’d find myself caring about the lore but this film makes a good case for it. If you, like me, care about Blair Witch and had previously felt that the new film wasn’t worth your time, you might be pleasantly surprised!


Yeah, it was surprisingly solid. I agree. I ended up seeing it in theatres after hearing good things, which surprised me.


I’m having a hard time articulating why I like Yoga Hosers, it’s really not defensible in any way. Same with Tusk, I guess.

They’re dumb and a weird, and really shouldn’t exist as movies. Tusk is based a letter someone sent him in a podcast, that later turned out to be a prank by one of his friends.


Fair enough. To each their own.

I’ve just always had a hard time with really cheesy or silly movies.


Hey y’all! New to the thread but I watched some horrors movies during the weekend and thought about jumping in here.

I watched the Blair Witch (2016) in theaters and I was very disappointed because up until the final third it’s basically a remake of the original. I felt they could have done so much more! Lore-wise and plot wise.

The original trailer for The Woods got me so excited so upon watching how safe it played it, I couldn’t help but feel disappointed despite having a fun time watching it :sweat:


This weekend I finally watched Train to Busan! It’s very very good. One of the few Zombie movies I have really liked( I still need to watch The 28 Days Later movies!). I really enjoyed the characters in the film. They were developed well and the drama was interwoven perfectly with the Zombie action. Zombie outbreak stories are at their best when the plot revolves around the human drama of its characters and not around the Zombie outbreak itself. Train to Busan does this masterfully.:ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand:

I also watched the latest Child’s Play movie The Cult of Chucky. What a dumb movie and dumb premise. As a kid I was terrified of Chucky ( mostly because my dad loved the movies and loved to scare the daylights out of me) but after watching The Curse of Chucky and The Cult of Chucky I can’t help but reflect on whether these movies were ever scary or just dumb B Slasher movies.

The whole movie is just an excuse to indulge in Gore and body horror goodness while laughing at Chucky’s sick one liners and jokes. All of the characters are dumb as hell and it seems like they are more self aware with each new.Was always the main attraction of these movies? Just seeing dumb people getting killed by a fouled mouth killer doll . Everytime they show Chucky walking I can’t help but burst
out laughing :joy:

The Cult of Chucky takes place in a mental hospital for the criminally insane so maybe I shouldn’t say the characters are dumb. The ’ sane ’ characters are certainly idiots. Although I’m not very knowledgeable about mental illness, the movie’s portrayal of mentally ill characters seemed cartoonish and sketchy. However that just might have been the awful, silly dialogue.


I’ll always recommend Marebito if people want to watch a different kind of Japanese horror film. Starts off eerie and never really stops being disturbing. Definitely one of the best J-horror films I’ve seen.


I watched 30 Days of Night the other day and was disappointed. Cool concept of vampire attack on Barrow Alaska during a 30 day period without sun. But it never really took advantage of the length of time at all, just kind of boiled everything down into a few encounters that could have been separated by a few hours each rather than by several days each. Has some enjoyably hammy performances at least.

Ooo I liked that one. Caught it last year. I thought it was sort of unoriginal, like it mostly checked boxes of zombie tropes and classic conflicts. But it executed everything very well and had memorable characters and held together. Kind of “if you’re only going to watch one zombie movie, watch this one”.


Reanimator is awesome, as is Return of the Living Dead. George Romero’s Night, Dawn and Day of the Dead also.

It Follows is another.


Seconding Hausu. It’s one of the best comedy horror films I’ve seen, up there with Evil Dead 2 and Shaun of the Dead for me, though with a very different feel to any other movie I’ve seen.


I’ll check that out, sounds like what i’m in the mood for tonight. Thanks for the recommendations!


I’m curious how fans of House came to it. I had (literally) bought the T-shirt prior to seeing the film and was incredibly excited about it, and I found it a little tedious. It’s definitely a film to avoid the trailer of, as it shows most of the best scenes. If it were a film I’d stumbled upon, I’d have loved it, but as a film that was sold and enthusiastically discussed as a cult gem, my expectations were perhaps too lofty.


If anyone here doesn’t have a Shudder subscription, their catalog is particularly amazing right now and worth at least doing the free trial. If you have Amazon Prime, it’s one of the channels on there now too so you can get it for a slight discount if you subscribe through that.


Oh! took me a sec to realize you were talking about this. Rented it a few months ago, I think because of this thread. Man, this is a weird one, liked it a lot.
But anyone thinking about watching, it’s from 1977, has very cheesy effects and has a fairly long, meandering and non sensical plot.


I found it a few years ago during a Criterion Blu-ray sale, and it came up as a recommended movie. I had never heard of it before then, so maybe that’s part of why I loved it.


I remember blind buying it from an HMV as i did quite a few Criterion movies.