Horror movie recommendations


Yeah, I love how its humor comes from that soap opera feel and how the conversations between the characters are hilariously nonsensical.


Israeli movie from a couple of years ago . A really good horror/thriller/REALLY black comedy .
IMDB plot synopsis : “A series of brutal murders puts the lives of three men on a collision course: The father of the latest victim now out for revenge, a vigilante police detective operating outside the boundaries of law, and the main suspect in the killings - a religious studies teacher arrested and released due to a police blunder.”

This movie really excel in playing with your expectation as a savvy genre fan and delivers some amazing and deliberate tonal whiplashes between high pressure inter personal drama, really funny comedy moment and shocking bursts of uncomfortable violence . In many ways it reminds me of an early Cohen bros movie .
also Tarantino chose it as his favorite movie of that year so i know im not the only fan .


To be fair, I think a lot of Kevin Smith’s modern persona comes out of how much he embraced his fandom. He’s a great oral storyteller, and before I listened to the Smodcast, I watched the Evening With DVDs. The whole story around how Tusk was developed is hilarious, and the idea that he’s basically a successful filmmaker who’s just having fun with his friends and family is kind of heartwarming. Like I said, it’s really sweet that he basically made Clerks but with his daughter. So I kind of get it from that aspect. It was just really cringey watching my wife, who doesn’t know anything about Kevin Smith, wonder wtf was happening, lol.


I recently rewatched Southbound (trailer), which was one of my favorite horror movies of 2016, and it held up very well. It’s an anthology with like four or five stories that all take place along a desolate stretch of highway in the middle of the desert, and they’re all interconnected in ways that are a lot more interesting than most other anthologies tend to pull off. There’s not really a segment in the whole bunch that I didn’t like. Y’all should check it out.


So when I think of “Halloween movies” I think of stuff like Stranger Things and Trick r Treat. Stuff that’s spooky but also fun and nostalgic without being outright comedic. Anybody got any recommendations like that?


I just watched Train to Busan on Netflix, and I must say, that was absolutely phenomenal.

The zombie stuff was frantic–although not all that gory–but man, those characters! I don’t think I’ve cared at all for characters in a horror movie since Shaun of the Dead, and even then, not as much as this. They really got to me. I was moved. Awesome film.


I mentioned Creep earlier. Creep 2 came out the other day. Brief review: Creep is exceptional, and Creep 2 is very good.

Creep 2 improves on the original in a few ways: it has many more surprising laugh-out-loud moments in it than Creep does, the special effects are better (whereas Creep had none, but this is still worth mentioning), and the pacing in the final act is much more even than the pacing of the final act in Creep.

Ultimately, Duplass’ character is, as Sara rightly points out, “completely unpredictable”, but that unpredictability is truer in Creep than it is in Creep 2. That’s just intrinsic to the plot of Creep 2, though, which is explicitly about getting to “know” Duplass’ character. I just think the unpredictability is key to Creep’s success, while Creep 2’s success is in its execution.

Like Creep, Creep 2 is superbly self-aware, only moreso. (Spoiler tags are only for people who haven’t yet seen the original Creep) Now that we, the viewers, are aware of the premise of ‘these films’ in this series’ world, Creep 2 is able to make more subtle, knowing references to the fact that what you are watching is actually the cultivated work of an experienced avant-garde filmmaker, not literally found footage. The editing is fantastic and often quite funny, and there are a few throwaway lines that I was extremely partial to that directly reference elements of the film itself. (There’s one about the length of each of the movies that makes me wonder if it was shot after the fuckin movie was edited!)

I’m just really glad these movies exist. Creep 2 is a better follow-up to a movie that didn’t at all need one than it has any right to be, especially for being both a found-footage movie and a horror movie.


Agreed. The film did such a great job at defying my expectations for who the characters would be, and then making me care about them.


Ohh cool. I watched Creep for the first time this month and I quite liked it. Will definitely check out the sequel.


I love these discussions, horror is my favorite genre. I didn’t knew the Creep sequel was out, gotta check this out.

The last movie I watched was Stephen King’s Gerald’s Game that Netflix released recently. I’ve read the book years ago and if I remember it well the adaptation was very well done. Since the book is mostly a one character monologue in a room I was worried how they would keep things interesting, but cast is very good and the solutions they found for her inner thoughts and stuff like that were quite creative, The film manages to have a few creepy scenes as well, and one particularly nasty moment that I wasn’t expecting. Think the foot scene from Misery… THE PAIN!


I rewatched The Thing (2011) kind of by accident yesterday. I remember it not being good but I had forgotten that it’s actively bad.

There’s a scene in a latter day Die Hard, whichever one is set in Russia, where John McClane is in a room with a glass ceiling and the ceiling collapses and there’s glass everywhere but then John just runs straight through it and yes fine. Whoever made the movie seemed to think it was a cute call back to that but in Die Hard where John runs through glass. But nobody liked that scene because glass, they liked it because it had consequences and it paid off John not having shoes.

This The Thing prequel is basically a litany of scenes like that. A dog in a cage gets killed, there’s a “blood test” kind of scene, there are flamethrowers. But none of it carries weight or consequence, everything lands with a thud.

Good cast at least.


Good cast, and I absolutely adored the special effects. I remember the monster work being incredibly disgusting. I also was partial to seein more of the spaceship, just because I love aliens so much. I remember basically enjoying it. Now I’m afraid to revisit it!


I’d strongly recommend looking into horror movies that are anthologies to scratch this itch. Like DEFINITELY check out Creepshow and Catseye if you haven’t seen them and you might have fun with Tales from the Darkside too.

Also you may have seen the recent version of IT but if not, much like Stranger Things it scratches a similar itch to the book (and shares a kid between them in the cast :smiley: ). Definitely consider The Monster Squad too if you haven’t.

Last one I’d recommend is Tales from the Crypt: Demon Knight. This movie just rules, it has moments of creepiness but is a massive amount of fun and the cast and how they interact with each other is lightning in a bottle. It’s best to to go in completely blind because the story also gets pretty out there compared to its the movie’s more humble beginning.


The effects are so obviously computer-y tho. Such uncanny valley. The bit where the one dude’s head merges with the other dude’s is imaginative, but nothing moves well. So disappointing given the practical effects of the first movie.


I’ve never actually seen Cat’s Eye, so I gotta check that out.


If we’re still talking about the Thing prequel (can’t really scroll back to look–I’m sneaking this comment in at work), they actually did hire a special effects studio to do a bunch of practical effects and then for whatever reason decided to go back and paint over everything with a bunch of not-that-great CGI.

The effects people got so irritated about it they kickstarted their own film to show off what they could do–check out Harbinger Down if you can find a copy.


Cat’s Eye is great. That is all.


Just watched It Follows and really enjoyed it. I found the concept to be quite interesting: (basically, something that only you can see, continuously follows you around until it kills you, or until you “pass it” to someone else via sex) and I’m impressed at how they took something so straightforward and simple and made it so creepy.
Also, shout out to Disasterpeace for the music. It’s so freaky but works really well.

(Random sidenote: Not a knock on the movie or anything, but anyone else feel like this could easily be used as a pro-abstinence propoganda film? lol)


I was so pissed they replaced the practical effects of already finished scenes with cgi, I’ve watched some of the animatronics on the internet and they looked incredible, I’m not against CGI though, but I think a project like The Thing is a reference for this craft and the new one could at least be a tribute but instead it became just a mediocre movie with a bunch of so so CGI, digital retouches could be used to enhance stuff not replace it completely, I’ll track down this Harbinger movie to support the artists, too bad it took me so long to find out about it.


I’m a baby but Hausu is my all time favorite film right now and Everyone should see it

(…if they do not suffer from photosensitive epilepsy. Seriously, there’s a lot of flashing lights.)